Woman suck

As a gay guy, I just don't see the appeal of women. Their voices are shrill, conversation is shallow and just over all dumb. What in gods name could a straight guy find so interesting in them.

Dec 13

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  • Love your momma. She is depending on you.

  • Better than banging another guy’s dirty, hairy ass, no wonder you guys were dying of aids .

  • Born this way - can't help like V***** and b****.

  • I know what you mean, I'm a straight guy but omg gay guys really know how to suck c***. I've never c** so hard

  • Women do suck alot..... Well you know the rest

  • Wow u guys are asshats

  • Because there isn't much to know. Experience, son, go out and get some-- your mom and your pillow don't count

  • Lol

  • You're not gay, you're a fagg0t who gives gays a bad name. And you probably act a lot like more the dumber kind of women, because fagg0ts who claim to hate women are always more mentally disturbed and femme than the ones who don't. Oh well, more lovely ladies for the rest of us, enjoy being bitter about being a fagg0t sweetheart!!

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