First time you sucked a c***

Male or female how old were you the first time you sucked a c***. Who you gave it to how it happen did you spit or swallow

Dec 23

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  • I have always wanted to suck a c*** but the first c*** and the only one I ever sucked was my own

  • I love sucking c*** & swallowing c**. I was nineteen & he was twenty-two. He invited me over for a beer 🍺 . He answered the door completely naked and his c*** was at half mast. The moment we were alone, I fell to my knees and began sucking him. When he came, I swallowed. 🍆💦💦💦💦👄

  • I was 12 I sucked my brother. I caught him watching a p****. I told him I’d tell if he didn’t let me watch. He let me watch and a girl was sucking a c***.
    I asked him do girls like doing that. He said some do and some don’t. I continued to watch with him when the guy came in her mouth.
    I was shocked that she swallowed it. He again said some like it some don’t.
    I asked him what it tasted like and if I’d like it.
    He told me to try it and see.
    I said well I haven’t sucked a c*** yet and don’t know anyone I could. He said I could suck his if I wanted. I replied you’d let me try?
    He then took out his c*** it was hard and sticking up.
    I put my hand on it and lowered my face until it was infront of his c***. I stuck out my tongue then kissed it. He moaned a bit. I then put it in my mouth and started sucking like the woman was in the vid.
    After a few mins he told me he was going to c**. He told me not to take my mouth off when he came. I felt him c** in my mouth. I kept it in until he stopped. I sat back and swallowed it. Told him it was a salty taste and not that bad. He thanked me for the b******.
    A few days later he came to my room and asked if I’d like to suck him again. I said ok and gave him another b******.
    He tells me it’s the best b****** he’s ever had. Says it’s a turn on seeing me suck his c*** show him his c** in my mouth before I swallow it.
    We’ve been together ever since.

  • I’m a straight male and it was oddly enough when I was in elementary school by my step brother we would suck each other off occasionally at night after we were put to bed. He started bringing his friends (family friend) into it as well so we would stick each other’s d****. My family was very sexual growing up maybe that’s why I’m so open minded.

  • Id like to get my knickers pulled down by a boy

  • Boys would you pay a boy to get his cocked sucked all clean shavenpull his knickers own

  • I'm a guy. I was 13 and in junior high. Gym teacher made me do it in the shower.

  • I was like 13 or 14 my family went on vacation to Florida we stayed at a motel on treasure island they had a huge pool and in the bathroom by the pool was a gloryhole I snuck off to the bathroom to j*** off real quick I noticed the hole but didn't know what it was for and sorta just ignored it anyway I start stroking for a few minutes when I giant b.w.c can poking through the hole and heard this guy whisper suck it so I sat there in shock for a minutes before getting so turned on that I basically slammed my throat on it I swallowed every drop and he just zipped up and left I ened up going back atheist twice day for the whole week we were there

  • That's super hot

  • Guy here. Somewhere around 14-15. Me and my best friend used to suck each other off. Yes we swallowed.

  • That sounfs so lovley

  • Thats awesome sounds great

  • Does a boys c** taste reaklly nice in yiour mouth

  • Wow thats nice lots of c** did he taste nice

  • That's hot

  • I was 11 the first time I sucked a c***. It was my best mates older brother he was 18 at the time. We were swimming in his pool. He wore speedos and I could see the outline of his c***. He caught me staring and asked if I’d like a closer look. Shocked he caught me looking I just nodded my head. He took me into the change room told me to sit on the bench. He then stood infront of me and pulled his c*** out. He asked me to touch his c***. I reached out and grabbed it. He then showed me how to play with it. I saw him get hard. He then asked me to put it in my mouth and suck it. I started sucking it. He told me he was going to c** and to keep sucking. He came in my mouth and asked me to swallow. I sat back and swallowed it. He asked how he tasted and if I liked it. I told him it was salty and it was fun to do. He asked if I’d suck him again I said I would. I stayed over that weekend. He asked me if I’d suck him again that night. I went to his room and gave him his second b****** for the day. I sucked him the whole weekend. Everytime he asked for one I’d give him one. I liked doing it for him. He said it was a turn on seeing me walk around with his c** in my belly. I ended up sucking him every weekend for about 6 months until they moved away. The day before they moved he came got me for one more b******. When I finished him for the last time he told me I was the best b****** he’d ever had. One thing he enjoyed was when I showed him his c** in my mouth before I swallowed it.
    My best mate never found out.

  • Wish that was me

  • I was a twelve year old girl. My older brother had a few friends sleep over. It was late and the parents were in bed. All the boys were in the basement playing video games. One boy came upstairs to get something. I was on the couch watching TV. He walked over, pulled me off the couch and made me sit down on the floor with my back against the couch. My face was at crotch level. He pulled down his shorts, grabbed the back of my head and pushed his d*** in my mouth. I didn't have to move or even try and really suck. He just f***** my mouth. At first I didn't like it but after a minute I kinda caught on. He finished and held it in my mouth until I swallowed. I WAS HOOKED! I took care of my brothers friends from then on.

  • I wish you would suck me of i want a boy to do that to me

  • Love guy doing that

  • Im a boy iwant to be sucked of i want to taste anather boys c** see what it taste like

  • I was a 30 year old male (roughly) and believe it or not, I had never been to an adult bookstore and had no idea what a glory hole was. There was an adult bookstore on my route to work. One evening I stopped in after work. I got 5$ in tokens and went into the back. There were a few guys standing around and I didn't want to get recognized so I quickly ran into a booth. I was in such a hurry I swear I didn't see hole in the wall. I started searching through the videos and started j********** when something caught my eye. It was a large c*** dangling through a hole in the wall. He was white and way bigger than me. I was like OMG! I don't know what made me do it but I reached down and touched it. When he started to get hard in my hand I got down on my knees and sucked my first c***. I loved it, and YES I swallowed every drop. I wish I could have sucked and licked his b****...

  • You can suck me of im a boy id love it is it nice when they c** is it a lovley feelingwhen they do it in your mouth

  • I was stationed in Korea and hooked up with a gorgeous TGirl at a night club.
    I didn't know it at the time but it worked out.
    She gave me oral and before s** I noticed she was smooth shaven and I had to try it. It was tiny but hard. I got all of it in my mouth, c*** and nut sack. I was able to get her to c** in my mouth. We kissed and had s** afterward.
    T-Girls are GOLD!

  • Always wanted a pretty t-girl. My fantasy

  • 14 in toronto gay village

  • Guys suck each other off in the bushes, my bicycle down Toronto didn't know I was in the gay village, so I follow them into the bushes and there was at least 10 or 15 guys with their c**** hanging out so I decided to drop down on my knees and try it! The guy c** in my mouth and wanted to f*** me I refuse! So now you start watching other guys sucking each other off one guy had come all over these guys c*** and his mouth the first time I ever saw that I asked him can I put my mouth didn't say word so get a guy put his d*** towards in front of my face and I start sucking him off. I was 14 at that time. Every night during the summer I went down there. Sneaked out parents didn't know I was gone.

  • But I did get someone following me in their car I was on the bicycle I noticed I'm sitting there music on and looked at me and I looked at him then I noticed later down the road going back home I seen him again then I seen him again and I recognized the car so I drove my bicycle down the residential road seen him coming towards me I drove into someone's yard between the house sat there and waited until he drove by and I took off I'm not sure what he wanted but I didn't want to know

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