Three times and your ass is whipped

My school had a three time rule. You get sent to the office three times in one year you get a ass whipping. I do mean your ass got whipped.

I was in class when paper wads were being thrown around. I batted ne of the wads out of the air just as the teacher walked in. She saw the person who threw the wads and the three of us got sent to the office. It was the third time for all three of us.

The vice principal asked "who's first"? I volunteered. I was the smallest and the least athletic of the three.

I got ten straps across my ass. The strapping was hard as the vice principal ws p***** off and after three straps across my ass it quit hurting and became numb. The VP was aware of this and he went lower hitting my upper legs ever harder then he hit the area just above my buttocks a final two times.

I didn't cry but my face was red and the other two boys seeing what happened to me were scared. I personally was glad it was over with. My ass and the area around my ass was still numb.

One of the boys tried to get out of the whipping by saying he'd come in on Saturday but that didn't work. It was ten licks or ten days expulsion.

Maybe I'm wrong but his ass whipping looked worse than even mine did. The next guy didn't say anything but was strapped as hard as I was.

The next day looking at my ass in the mirror it was every color of the rainbow. Black, blue, yellow, red with a green fringe. It took six weeks for every visual injury disappeared and for the rest of the year I was soreish there as the shattered nerves healed and eventually healed completely.

I was never sent to the office again. G****** that whipping hurt.

Dec 31

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  • I had a nun give me a swat for talking in class. After the swat she told me she was sorry and wanted to make sure she didn't hurt me. She told me to pull down my pants and said I was very red. I was always turned on by her and an erection soon followed. I started to stroke my private and she watched for awhile and then sucked me. This relationship continued until the end of school and during summer she revoked her vows and we had s** all the time.

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