Was I dreaming?

I just finished a 16 hour shift then stopped at our local pub for a few beers before heading home. My crew was pretty stoked because we knew our next paycheck was gonna be huge and it was a Friday night with the weekend off. Martina (the bar server) was gorgeous and married to the bar owner (Nate). I always respected her and Nate so I never (nor any of my crew) made any moves on her. That Friday night we pounded way too many beers and shots, so I decided to chill and drink coffee and eat some desert before driving home. My crew left and I ended up staying eating my apple pie watching old episodes of Friends. Martina came over and said she was ready to lock up, but said I could crash on her office couch if I was still not sober enough to drive. I took her offer and watched more tv in the office laying on the couch. I fell asleep and started to dream about Martina. I dreamt she was giving me a b******* and it was fantastic. It was so real, I could feel her and her body pressed against me as she sucked away. I opened my eyes and could see Martina’s head bobbing up and down on my c***, then I started to c** down her throat. The sounds she was making drove me into an orgasmic frenzy. She looked at me wiping her lips and said, “shhhhh, your still dreaming.” I pulled her down to me and planted my mouth under and in between her skirt and began to eat her p****. She tasted divine. I fell asleep and woke up to her gone. My jockeys were on the floor but no sign of messing up the sheets. My mouth and fingers had her scent and it kept me in an excited state all that day. The Monday morning as I was back at work, I got a text from Martina saying, “it was just a dream”, with a winking emoji!

Jan 3

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