Jess's Panties

I work at a place that has 10 females and we share a common locker room. Each of the women keep changes of uniforms and a few panties in their lockers. Sometimes a woman could change a few times a day depending on what they are doing. I have sniffed every ones dirty panties and jerked off into them. One woman Jess has the nicest smelling panties with nice creamy discharge in them. She had a party at her house for our group and knowing i can fix or build anything, she asked if I could do something for her. She lead me down to her laundry room and wondered if I could change out her laundry sink for a cabinet style one .Of course I said sure. I went out to my truck to get a measuring tape and a pad of paper to write on. Beside the washing machine is a laundry bag. At the bottom was 1 thong. Her multi-colored thong that I have enjoyed may times at work. I became suspicious that it was there as a set up to see if i would take it. I did my measurements and drawings then went back up to the party. We arranged a date that I could do the work, the only day I could do it she had to work for someone. She said she would leave the back door unlocked.
After i got the materials and tools in i started on the tear out of the old sink. I noticed the laundry bag was about 3/4 full of her clothes. I checked it out and found about a weeks worth of panties. 3 thongs and a bikini pair but not the multi-colored thong that I adored. I scooped them up and went to the bathroom beside the laundry room. I sniffed them and jerked off into a pair. I finished the job and packed up my tools and left. A couple of shifts later i found that multi-colored thong at the bottom of her locker covered in her juices. It is now in my collection.

14 days

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