My Beautiful Sexy Sister

I have an older sister who is very good looking, with a body I just can not stop thinking about. It started when I was around 17 years old. Now I am 24 and she is 28. i used to go to the beach with her and she used to wear the sexiest bikinis, that hugged her body. I couldn't keep my eyes off her ass. We have partied together and have gotten closer as brother and sister. Sometimes I want her to go out with me to a hotel so we can get a little more physical with each other. To me she is special, even though she is my sister. I don't have no guilty feelings of this attraction toward my sister.

Jan 6

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  • A sexy sister gets you obsessed and you love the feeling I have a girlfriend who is sexy too, but nothing can compare to my tantalizing sister, who gets me hard all the time. We f*** around when we have the chance and we keep it our little secret. It is exciting because of the taboo associated with it.

  • When you have a hot sister and all you want is her body, then you do everything so you can have her for sexual pleasure. It is an obsession and you are not satisfied until you f*** her. When I finally f***** my hot sister, I got totally obsessed and wanted her to be my secret lover.

  • My older sister too. At 18, our parents wouldn't let her go out with boys. Beautiful figure, nice big t***; one evening she opened her bathrobe and showed me; I also got a glimpse of a nice patch of dark pubic hair. Soon she began a nice habit of sitting on the couch and lifting up her dress or nightgown with no panties on, just to tease me, and I would show her mine. But one Sunday morning, while our parents were at church, and I had a rock-hard erection as usual, our "game" became more serious; she willingly laid back on the couch, spread her legs, and a minute later, my big sister wasn't a virgin any more.

  • Continued: And before you warn about incest, birth defects etc, I may have been young, but I knew what makes babies. Not to be too graphic, but: It
    was so nice, for both of us, I wanted it to last a long time, but we were both too aroused. In less than a minute I felt my climax coming; I pulled away, emptied my testicles, and made a big mess on the back of her bathrobe. She wanted more, and tried to pull me back on top of her, but I was finished, and that would have been risky. And may I add, I had the biggest tool in my gym class, but I didn't hurt her, there was no pain for her, and no blood. And, curiosity satisfied, we agreed to stop our games.
    Our parents found a church husband for her, and I'll bet he believed, on their wedding night, that she was a virgin. A year later, she was pregnant, and
    one day called me to come over, while her husband was at work. We really loved each other, and she shyly told me that she wasn't sexually satisfied;
    her husband isn't romantic, and has a small d***. I took the hint as an invitation, and we were soon hard at it on her marriage bed; this time me riding her growing belly, and this time I lasted long enough for her to have her first o*****. And then, no fear of baby, I blew my load deep inside her. The climax had deeply pleasured her; she kissed me deeply, a true lover's kiss, and I knew I could have it again, any time I wanted it. Bare until baby comes, and condoms after. And neither of us is ashamed, or has any regret.

  • I sure hope she is your step sister, cause blood sister is gross! I have never thought of my sister that way. Dont call your step sister your sister cause shes not. If she is your real sister thats f***** up!

  • Any hole is a goal, relative or not. If it`s hairy , f*** it good and hard.

  • Let’s talk about her and exchange pictures I too have a sexy sister.

  • I have lady friends I date and hang out with.. They are good looking as well, but they don’t compare to my sexy sister. My sister is my ultimate desire and I can’t get enough of her.

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