Incest = Disgrace To Humanity

Some of you people are gross for wanting to sleep with blood relatives or parents and their children. Go get therapy. You are f- up in the head. There are 1001 people in the sea. Don’t disgrace and dishonor your family. It is wrong. Your soul will go to h*** for it.

Jan 9

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  • Hey OP, for your information it has been determined that the consensual forms of incest prove to be beneficial to all parties and the nurturing results in more loving people as they move on to relationships that don’t include family members.

    Recent studies show that when none of the participants feel pressured and enter into the lovemaking of their own volition, they are more open to all of life’s possibilities and result in more commitment to their loved ones.

    Unfortunately people like you and the anti-incest warrior (an idiot that is a regular around this website) try to confuse others with your BS.

  • I am glad someone broke the ice and commented. My father passed away when i was 22 years old. My mother had a hard time dealing with it and i spent a lot of time supporting her. One night she was crying on my shoulder. A peck on the cheek turned into a full kiss. Before I knew it we were having s**. Afterwards both of us felt guilty but the s** was so amazing and intense. This relationship continued for nearly 10 years.

  • I agree totally s** between two people who love and trust each other is hard to beat. I became interested in my mum sexually when I was about 12.
    Mum knew as one day she caught me sniffing her knickers and wanking.
    I asked her many times to show me her f**** but she refused.
    On my 16th birthday mum said she had a present for me and told me to sit on my bed and watch. Mum undressed and stood in front of me completely naked. I had never seen a naked female before and now I was seeing my mum fully naked. I was in awe at how big her t*** were and how hairy her f**** was. Mum was 48 yrs old.

    Mum said I could f*** her if I wanted as I now old enough but I had already exploded. Mum suggested I give her a massage, which I did ,feeling and investigating my mums sexy body. When I began to examine mum`s hairy f**** her hand took my k*** and wanked me to ensure there was no s**** left .
    A few days later we had my most memorable f*** ever, the first of many during a relation ship that lasted about ten years.
    To his day I do like a mature hairy f****. Mum`s was the best.

  • Incest does not always have a bad outcome. As teens myself and my sister had a sexual relationship. It brought us much closer together.

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