Why do find all thing obesity sexy

I’m a extremely slim & very healthy woman.

But I am attracted to obese individuals, of both sexes.

I’m I would even go as far to say I that I love Feederism.

I even define myself as a (FFA & FF). Female fat admire & a Female feeder .
I find it so such turn to see/watch even encourage obese people to become even fatter.
All I ever think about is a obese person being fead and fatten up,More & more till they struggle to do things by themselves.

I love obesity and obese people, the bigger the better.

Im fully aware that this is not healthy. It Not even right to want to fatten your other half. But obese men & women are so sexy.

Jan 12

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  • Because you're a weirdo. Only a deviant freak likes obesity.

  • Obesity is the sexiest word in the English language. It sends a tingle down my spine and makes me want to grow my huge belly down to my knees.

  • You are mentally ill. What you want is not sane and will cause you to pass away too soon.

  • Because it IS sexy! Being soft and heavy. Eating and eating to get fatter and fatter. Making yourself slow and lazy by burying yourself in soft flabby rolls of blubber . It's all so hedonistic and hot. Obesity IS sexy!

  • Because you're a deviant little freak. That's why.

  • Yes I am! Stuff me fatter!

  • I'm a 19 year old guy and weigh about 650lbs. I've always been very fat and even in my earliest childhood memories I've been much fatter than everyone my age. My parents, mostly my mom, (who is also very obese) has just fed me and fed me for some reason... It started put as me not knowing any better but mow I just can't stop eating what she puts in front of me. I'm hopelessly adficted to food.
    I'm still pretty mobile although it's getting harder to do some things. My younger sister helps me with the day to day things I cannot do anymore. She's getting big too so who knows how long that will last. I keep pretty clean as my mom helps me with areas I cannot exactly reach. It's very embarrassing, I know but I don't have much of a choice. I've never been with a woman before. Dispite the fact that I am reasonably good looking or so I've been told, no women seems to wants to be with a fat guy like me. On woman told me that she would date me as she liked my face and personality but it was just too embarrassing to be seen with me in public and she was a fat girl as well...I've only had s** once with a guy as in my earlier teen I thought that I might be gay. I was 16 and It was at a party and it was more like a rape than anything else. There was no intimacy just rough oral gratification for my partner that left me sad and unsatisfied. Since them I have shied away from dating men or any male sexual encounters. I would love to meet a women interested in an obese man like me even if it was just for friendship and light flirting. Too find a woman truly interested in s** with me or a women that finds all my fat "sexy" would be a dream come true.

  • Well hello beautiful (:

  • Hi. Are you into fat guys?

  • I love fat men (:

  • Are you a woman?... If so that's a first for me. I've never met a girl the likes a fat man. Most turn up their noses and laugh behind your back.

  • Hello 👋

  • Hello back... 👋

  • I've tried dozens of times. Nothing really works. Maybe instead of calling me names you could make some constructive suggestions on how to lose weight.

  • Lose weight you f****** pig.

  • Opposites attract. You are disciplined and alpha. Generally, obese people have rejected discipline and embraced a beta life where they passively eat and gain massively, while submissively accept all of the negative consequences.
    You are in a perfect position to be that feeder we feedees need to reach our best obese lives. Please get active in this area and update us periodically.

  • I’m a man who’s pretty chunky but also muscular. I think I need a woman like you to push me over the edge and become a true fatty

  • Not my wife, but she this fat.

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