Girlfriends Mothers Panties

My girlfriends parents were visiting from out of town for a week. Her and her parents went out for the day shopping. I was installing a new light in her house and had to turn the breaker off which was in the laundry room. On the floor in front of the washer was clothes. I could see a bra much larger than my girlfriends so I investigated. In the pile was 2 sexy bras and 3 satin brief style panties with lace tops. Her mother is around 60 and a gorgeous woman. I grabbed the 3 panties and the bras and went into the other room. I sniffed all of the panties and checked the size of the bras. 38 G she has large t***. The best smelling panty went to my nose, one pair around my c*** and the third i was going to shoot my load into. I finished the light and went back to turn the breaker back on and i couldn't help myself. I shot a second load into another pair of her panties. I put everything back into the pile. I wonder if she noticed the moist gussets before she washed them?

Jan 18

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