I'll let him watch as I am f*****

My husband and I get off more intensely the stranger our s** is. We videotaped most of our trysts at home. One summers night we went outside to have s** under the stars. I like to be blindfolded alot of the time. This evening he had me blindfolded and all nude on the picnic table as I masturbated to the video cam. He likes to set up the scenes and then as I am being filmed he will leave me alone to myself. Sometimes it makes me hornier to m********* alone and talk dirty about a fantasy I will be having. He loves to sneak about and watch me all through the filming. I never know when he is watching. This time however I pulled the blindfold down ever so slightly just so I could see the outside lights and around the heavily wooded backyard. As I was just barely talking for just the camera to hear I noticed movement behind a bush farther out in the back. I thought it was my husband at first glance but the more I peered at the shadowy figure I heard my husband adjusting the music inside the house. Ohhh myyy.... Who could that be behind the large bush. Well it either had to be a neighbor who nows this backyard ve4y well or someone my husband told. Well no bother to me as I knew I was safe no matter who it was. Well this turned me on even more as I could notice the figure was getting closer to have a better look. The more closer they got the wetter and hornier and louder I became. I wanted a glimpse of the person so I told them to come in closer to watch me as I knew they were out there watching. I am def a voyeur myself. I could tell by their movements that they were masturbating watching me. As they stepped from behind the toolshed all I could see was a black figure surrounded by a halo of dim xmas lights. Well from there I could see very fast arm movement and barely audible moans which were silently drowned out by the music. A few minutes later as we both were pleasuring ourselves the music was turned down alot. Now I suppose my husband knew all about this and had turned it down on purpose so he could hear the moans also. Well as I was on the verge of having an o***** I told them to please step out of the shadows so I could eatch and hear them more clearly. Plus I wanted to see a hard c*** badly. Well to my astonishment out stepped a woman. I still could not make out her face tho. Then she ever so lightly spoke tryingto disguise her voice. She told me to pull the blindfold back over my eyes and to lie back down so she could come up to the table to watch me very close. And no peeking. So i did as she suggested. I could tell she was standing right there between my out strtched legs. Then without muttering a word she bent down and started licking my steaming p**** awww soooo gooood. I came about three times and wanted to return the favor but she told me no. This was just to be her own secret to whom her identity was. I said okay and she then left in silence. As I lay there enjoying the warm air and the feeling that surrounds you after several o****** the music was turned back up. Come to find out the readon the music had been turned down then back up was because my husband was on a business call this whole time. He didnt have a clue what had happened. I didnt tell him either. All I told him was that I had turned the video off as I wasnt into that as much as I wanted to be and we could make another one later that week. I held on to that tape without even playing it to find out who that great p**** eating woman was for months. I had a good madturbating fantasy that came true and I wasnt about to spoil it. Well I did finally get to watch it one night when my husband was out with the boys. After a bottle and a half of good wine i turned it on. I Found out it was a neighbor that had moved in a year ago. We never talked that much together before, just hi and bye greetings. She never did bring it up so I didnt either. We just kept it to ourselves. She still doesnt know know that she is on film and I still dont know how she found out about my masturbating outside turns me on sooo good.

Jan 25

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  • Very hott! Wish my wife would do that!!

  • So sexy

  • My wife starts conversations with strangers, I know she will be seduced

  • Gee that was exciting to read , shame I will never get to see the video either ! :(

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