20 years ago I got Raped by my Gay roommate.

Early my freshman year of college I got drunk at a party. I was 18 and it was only my 2nd or 3rd time drinking. Woke up naked in my bed with my naked roommate spooning me. He was 19 and hadn't come out yet. My ass was sore and leaking c** and lube. There was lube everywhere, I think he was having a hard time getting it in so he kept adding more. My pants and shirt where inside out on the floors like he had pulled them off me. He denied what happened and claimed I wanted it but his story always contradicted itself and made no sense.

Never told anyone and I ended up transferring to a school on the other side of Massachusetts 2nd semester.

Jan 27

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  • At this point I would just let it go. I was f***** by 2 people when I was younger. Defiantly would be considered rape, both were decades older. A teacher and a boy scout leader. The rub is.... I dont consider myself gay but at least in the boyscout leaders case it happened many times and I would get off as well...... so....... I really don't want that information getting out and I don't feel I am mentally stunted in any way

  • I had a similar experience with the scout leader. He had it out for me because I had more knowledge about scouting than he did and called him out on it. I guess it was the OCD in me not letting people say the wrong thing.

    Anyway, when we would go out camping, he would take me on a solo hike to "punish" me. The first time I was 13. He pulled my clothes off after he took me to the ground. Tied me up. He made me suck him and he bent me over a fallen tree. He pounded me from behind over and over. Then he spanked me telling me I would get worse if I ever told anyone. He then added if I kept my mouth shut, it would not be necessary to have done it.

    It happened many more times. I had not realized that I got erections from it and he said I must like it. I never thought it was fun or exciting, but I guess my body thought differently.

  • You should at least beat the shot out of the gay rapist.

  • In college I shared a hotel room with 2 other guys. We got drunk and had some weed, then passed out on the bed. A few hours later I awoke laying on my back with my c*** in one guy’s mouth. The other guy was passed out. I was close to c****** so I stayed quiet and shot my load. I did not know what to think since I thought of myself as straight. My bj friend told me to visit him anytime for a repeat. After several nights, I took him up on the offer. This time I lasted about 30 minutes as he s***** away expertly. After a huge o*****, he thanked me for letting it last so long. After that, I knew I was bisexual.

  • During first year of college I roomed with black guy. We soon saw each other’s “equipment “ and it was obvious he was huge while I was small. He began mocking me and would hold his c*** in his hand, saying I should s*** him off. I never did but I began fantasizing about it. Later I became addicted to interracial p*** and masturbated during the bjs. If he had been a little more forceful I may have followed his request, and had a very different sexual journey.

  • I went to school in Western MA around that time, wonder if we went to the same school

  • Date rape or what ever--its all sexual assult

  • There was no date and I was passed out.

  • Was it as far Northwest you could go without leaving the state?

  • Can I give an opinion from the other side. I spent five years at a major college in the football program. Also a high ranking member of a fraternity. I am not going to cop to forced rape. But in those five years I "coerced" maybe a dozen young guys into giving me oral s** and letting me f*** them in the ass. Most in the guise of "friendly hazing" or "you want to make the team don't you"? I enjoyed the variety and boy hole is SOOO tight!

  • Your life sure needs to be improved if not NOW!!!!!!!

  • I am a guy and I was raped in the college dorms. One night there was a party and I got pass out level drunk. I was on the bathroom floor, in my boxers, with my head on the toilet. in between yacks I kept falling asleep.
    I remember a group of people laughing as someone pulled my boxers down and shoved something in my ass. I was defenseless and still throwing up.
    I woke up in the floor the next morning with a sore sticky ass. I later found out there were pics and videos floating around everywhere of the incident. It showed me with me face in the toilet and the lower half of a guy f****** me in the ass. It didn't show his face.
    I transferred schools.

  • That sucks. I guess the one positive thing about my experience is there is no pictures I know about.

  • In college there was one guy that liked to share his women. Luckily enough for me he grew to prefer to share his dates with me. As he was popular with women that dramatically increased my action rate. Over time I noticed he must be bi as he loved to push the MM boundaries when things were hot with a shared woman. When we talked about it, he fully denied being gay or even bi. He claimed he just got caught up in the moment and I was making a big deal out of it. Instead of getting more space he became more aggressive. The first time he took advantage of me when I was passed out, I was p***** but it confirmed to me that he was closet gay. The only reason I hadn't freaked out on him was the smoking hot coed he brought over for me. Eventually that was a thing with us for a while. If I drank or such and passed out, I'd wake up with empty b**** or a sore bum but also a new smoking hot woman eager to mess with me. One of the coeds, who rode the c**k carousel pretty hard, started coming around even when not invited. She was an assembly line w**** that loved nothing better than pulling train. Little by little she inserted herself into our lives. My roommate was the first to notice and wanted her gone. He never pulled his antics when she was around, so I automatically defended her. Eventually I moved out to live with her. He was FURIOUS but he still accepted invitations to tag team her. Officially, we moved in together so her parents would get off her back for riding the C-carousel so much. I went along with it to literally save my butt hole from being roommate raped. We broke up when I graduated. After she graduated, she tracked me down and we restarted our relationship. We had both slowed down. Eventually we got married and still are.

  • I was raped as a kid and never told anyone. When I was 8 my mom spent a week in the hospital. Dad stayed with her a lot so I spent the week with my aunt. She had a boyfriend I didn't like, he just made me nervous. One evening my aunt had to work. As soon as she left her boyfriend took me into the bathroom, took off my cloths and put me in the tub. He washed me off then got me out and dried me. He walked me naked into the laundry room. He went through a basket and got out a pair of underwear for me. I remember it was my "Batman" underwear. When I put them on he told me how much he liked them. He picked me up and put me face down on the washing machine. My legs couldn't reach the floor. He pulled my underwear down just enough to show my ass. Then he shoved his d*** inside me and raped me. My little legs dangled and kicked in the air as he f***** me. I told my aunt when she got home. She kicked him out and I never saw him again. She had a talk with me and told me not to tell my mom and dad. I never did.

  • I know that feeling. It was my great-uncle when I was 9. I was staying with him when my folks went out of the country on business. He was always friendly I thought. Let me sit on his lap when he played cards with my folks. Massaged my shoulders.

    One thing my mom told him was that if I did not listen that he had permission to spank me. I was being a brat and he said it was time for me to learn a lesson. He pulled me over his lap and pulled my clothes off. He started spanking me telling me why he was doing this was for my own good. He also said it would make me a better little man.

    His hands slowed down and started rubbing my butt. But I could feel him touching me all over. He picked me up and bent me over the back of the couch and told me I better not move or I will get spanked more. Next thing I know I feel him holding me down as he penetrated me and pounded me.

    That would happen every time I stayed with him. I was warned not to say a word or else.

  • I was raped in college. I pledged a frat. In the middle of the night 2 of the guys woke me and made me go with them to the basement. I thought it was strange because only members were allowed in the basement (meeting room). They made me strip and paddled my ass until it was red and bruised. Then they fondled my d*** and squeezed my b**** while making fun of me. They handed me a jar of vaseline and made me lube my own ass. I bent over the table and let them both rape me. I never said anything to anyone about it. At the end of pledge week I was not picked to be a member and asked to leave.

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