I really wanna have s** n fun let loose myself

Hey 19m here, Heres my story at the age of 11-12 i got introduced to the world of p***,then i became somewhat like addict to it. After sometime curiously I explored about LGBT content.. then i found out about myself that I'm Bisexual ( mostly gay). At the age around 14-15 i tried some dating site apps n tried to explore myself. I had some fun online with people ( did sexting,cam fun etc). I loved everything about it. I even set meetings sometimes with guys as i wanted to lose my a*** virginity but always chicken out at last moment,so never did anything to people with face to face. The biggest reason for this is that where am from here coming out as bi or gay is really a big thing n mostly community does not accept it. So afraid of it no one's knows that am gay.. am still a total virgin. But I really want to have relationship, have a bf. Mostly lose my virginity n have s**. I will turn 20 soon. I want to be someone's b**** n solely be his. I really wanna say aloud to them that am gay n be the real person in front of them. And I am fully bottom.

Jan 27

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  • How confusing can you demons get?

  • Being bi is bs. No such thing. We all won't accept you because you can never accept yourself and fight your inner demons. Thus you shout for inequality. What inequality? Get right with Jesus. He'll cure you

  • Have a hook-up and try it you may find the thought of having your butt stretched is better than the real thing. When I was younger I went through with it.... Met an older guy online, snuck out, and let him have my butt in the back of his minivan. I remember him being kind of dirty, he did not use a condom, he was massive, and it hurt. Turns out...... I was totally not into it but by the time your on all fours its kind of too late to change your mind. I let him finish in me.... and have never taken it in the ass again.

  • Be loud and proud 👏🏾

  • Yeah and that will be your downfall. Proverbs 16:18

    Remember Sodom abd Gomorrah? No? The dammed souls in H*** sure do. Trying to be reborn in this era...

    Jesus is coming back. Get ready and get back to him.

  • You cowards hide your demons in the closet then shout pride and love is love. Wait til Jesus returns. Its not love. God is Love. Be grateful I'm giving you attention because you need Jesus.

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