Going to jail when yu haven't done a damn thing

I was living with my friends brother and my friend near Cal Tech which is near Los Angeles. I was partying hearty as it was the hippie era. I was drunk and or high every day. I was from Atlanta, Ga. LA cops hate south easterners.

One day two cops came to the door. I was ab it hungover but not too bad and they asked if it was alright to look around. They started questioning me. I was very compliant but being nice didn't seem to be working.

They found my gun which was a Walther ppk and asked where I had been the night before. I told them I was where I was then. The house I was living in. They asked if I could verify that but my friends brother was high on acid and my friend was whereabouts unknown.

It turned out that there had been an armed robbery. A man matching my description with a southern accent weilding a small automatic had just robbed a store.

I went to jail in handcuffs. I was told they had the right to hold me for 72 hours.

I was miserable. The cell stank of p*** and excrement and the toilet was full of s***** toilet paper.

I was released the next day. There had been another robbery by the same a******. I was released.

The two arresting officers told me if I knew what was good for my redneck ass I might want to catch a bus back home.

I left a few days later.

Jan 29

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