I Need The Scents and Taste of a Nice Clean P****

I know, what guy doesn't like thise scents and taste? I guess the thing is, am over 70. Married for over 45 years to the same wonderful woman. I developed a medicine induced impotency close to 30 years ago. Slowely at first where things like V***** came into play but eventually, even that no longer worked. My d*** had a mind if it's own. Stays soft when I wished it would get hard and hard at a bad time and I had to hide it. Never hard when it could to put to any pleasurable use.

That didn't mean that I should just forget my wife is human and still had needs too so I always tried to keep her needs met. She always tried to do to me also but 99% of the time with no results and frustration. There was one way that I figured out got me hard. Burrying my face between her legs and taking in all the scents and flavors if her sweet nectar. I would always eat her to o***** before she turned her attention to my failure. Then, I figured it out. I had to taste and smell her to get hard and needed to incorporate 69. That was a god send for me. I could get hard that way and she could get me off orally. No chance if it geing hard for any penetration. That worked for a bit and then menopuse hit. Gradually she lost thise scents and taste and with that she lost interest in much s**. She still understood my frustrations and tried to help but without those scents filling my nose, there was nothing to stimulate me any longer.

When I hit 62 my wife told me she felt sorry for me. She understood my frustrations with still having every thing still in my head and body concerning desires but not being able to do anything about it. She didn't need the attention she once loved and surrendered herself to but knew that I did. So, she completely surprised me.

One afternoon there was a ring on our door bell. My wife opened the door and invited our visitor in. There stood a young lady, early 30s, nice body too. My wife walked her to me and introduced us. My wife is mixed Asian, this girl was 100% Asian. I was then informed that this girl was there for my enjoyment. I was speachless. My wife wanted no talk and directed the girl and I to go to the guest bedroom. I asked my wife if she was sure if this and she just daid, get going before I change my mind. We went.

The girl once in the room with the door closed told me to take off my clothes and sit on the floor against the wall. It was carpeted so not bad to sit on. I did as told. The girl started dancing around smiling and piece by piece she removed her clothing until she was dancing around naked. She was definately a sight for these old eyes. Still, that soft thing between my legs stayed soft. It twitched a bit but stayed soft.

She danced closer and closer. She took my hand and rubbed them in her breast, down her side to her rear and then around her hips to her hairless mound. It felt really great touching a female and I felt I was getting hard. I looked, nope, only felt that way but still just hanging there. She put a leg over my legs giving me a full view of her butt and between. She squated down, leaned forward and pushed her flower garden right into my face. I started tasting a sweet nectar and taking in the scent I longed for. I felt that hardness in me but couldn't, wouldn't pull away to physicall check it. I knew it in a moment as she pushed harder into my face, bent lower and took my d*** into her mouth. I was lapping up every bit if nectar and breathing in every scent. Heavenly. It only took a minute until I exploded into her mouth. There was a lot and a knot ripping o***** came with my explosion. She just continued to suck every drop out of me even when it was so sensitive I was squirming to get away. Damn, she swallowed it all. I knew because she spoke. She asked if I felt better. In a somewhat whimpering voice I said yes, very much better. With that she got up and slowely walked across the floor showing a beautiful naked body while she picked up her clothes. She dressed and came iver to me since I wasn't moving and kissed my cheek. Said she enjoyed our time together. Then she walked out of the room. I still just sat there.

After a few minutes my wife walked in. I was almost embarrased for her to see me sitting there after just having a stranger pull a big load out of me. She just smiled and asked if I felt better now. I said I did. As I was getting up I started with the why and where stuff. My wife said to not worry about the details and since I looked to enjoy it and felt good with results, the young lady will return once a month to take care of me. That us exactly what she did and made me feel great because I again got to taste the nectar and breath in the scents. The young lady over time became closer to both of us and we now consider her a good friend. She visits more than once a month but I still only get my once a month treatment much to my disapointment.

Feb 8

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