I did not f*** a girl when she offered herself

There was this girl who liked me since 10th grade,
I was this nerdy guy back then who thought too much of himself, and basically didn't want any kind of relationship that time.
Fast forward 4 years we both ended up being in the same class for higher studies,
There she was, went again for me, asked me out in front of the whole class, and i being the b**** i am, turned her down again.
Couple of weeks later, she stops me in my paths and asks me the reason if i was gay or has issues with my genitals. And that she'd offer her for a night if that's what I wanted to prove her love to me.
Me being another creep, found this idea so crap.
Turned her down yet again.

2 months down, she sends me a vid kissing a classmate.
And after seeing that, I've been repenting since then.
She still texts me happy birthday on linked in,
But now she's married with kids.
All i have to say to her is am so sorry girl!!!!

Feb 8

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