My small p****

I have a very small p**** just under 3 inch hard I can fit it in a plastic bottle I love showing women it on cam and hearing them laugh I have even drank my own c** on webcam for women

Feb 12

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  • My name is Nick and I have a very very small p**** too - under 2.5 inches when erect. I look very feminine too so often wear skirts and dresses as I feel more comfortable in those and don’t feel very manly with such a tiny p****. Men have tried to hit on me when I’m dressed like that and I’ve been to clubs like that and had men fondle me and not realise that’s my male genitalia as it’s so small.

  • Sounds delicious

  • Your problem is not your small p****, the problem is you're infatuated with your p**** to the point you want to show it to get humiliated by women. Why do that to yourself? It makes your small d*** obsession worse. Soon you'll be on Yahoo with a story about flashing women in public. Don't go to prison with that little guy, you may become a b****.

  • Aww get a growth pill for ur smol pp - advice from a man

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