Just found nude pics of my buddies wife

So while scrolling through Reddit today, I seen a tattoo that I’ve definitely seen before. It was one my best friends wife had done for her husband (my friend), and her two sons. It’s on her upper thigh and I’ve seen it more times than I can count. It’s his dog tags with his name and other credentials, and her sons names in smaller dog tags underneath.

Anyways, I click on her name, and got to her personal Reddit page. To say I was suprised would be an understatement. Nude pics everywhere, vids of her f****** dudes who are definitely not my friend being filmed by the guys f****** her, her looking for “Nice c**** in her area”. Now on one hand, I’ve always wanted to see her nude, and always wondered what she’d be like in bed, but on the other hand I kind of want to tell my buddy and see if he knows about this.

She’s one of those sexy army wives, who go to the gym more than her husband, and totally takes care of her body. Two kids and 45 years old, but doesn’t have a blemish anywhere on her, and looks 20 years younger. And as I said before, I’m totally into seeing her in these pics and vid’s, but at the same time I’ve known this guy for over twenty years, and Id feel really bad if she was cheating on him, and he didn’t know.

But on the other hand, I could also blackmail her and see first hand what she’s like nude, and in bed… hmmm quite the dilemma here. No I will not give you the link, nor her name. But in this situation what would you do?

Feb 14

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  • Back during the VHS days, I rented an amateur tape that had a former classmate doing a g*******. Since then, we've discovered and seen a LOT of people we know in videos and pictures on the internet. I suggest you copy and enjoy the items of your friend's wife on the internet but not to overtly let on.

    As to the soldier that used to find and copy pics and vid on each other's files... been there did a ton of that. I think a lot of us did and turned a blind eye to it when it happened to us

  • In the army we use to pass our computers around to share movies. Just download movies to a external drive. I always looked through the files because sometimes guys had pics of their wifes or girls. I found alot of pics of some girls in our unit. I uploaded all of them to my ex drive.

  • Bro's before Ho's

  • Where can we see these photos 🙈

  • Maybe you didn’t finish reading the post where I said I wouldn’t be sharing any of that info.

  • I would download and save all materials I can. If he is a good friend I would have a drink with him and talk about it. Maybe he’ll let you f*** his wife while he watches.

  • I'd say no to blackmail, that's playing with fire. But I'd definitely start up a conversation, over drinks, about gals on Reddit and see where it goes if you guide it artfully. As to your friendship, you definitely should bounce the results of that conversation off him. Maybe you'll get lucky and find out he loves sharing her!

  • I was definitely wondering if he may be in a cuck relationship with his wife. And I think this may be the route I take with it. Thanks for the reply

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