Nudity at home.

Since the start of COVID in March 2020 I started working from home and I stopped wearing clothes. Initially my husband was teasing me since I was dressing up for work then sitting in my home office all day. Then to tease him I got up one morning took my shower and went to work nude. For the first week I was just naked indoors but then my husband pointed out that we lived on ten wooded acres and no one was around why don't I come and have a beer on our balcony. That was in May of 2020.

I am nude in the house, when I work in the yard, do yoga or hike in our woods. My husband has encouraged me to stop shaving and wearing deodorant. Another thing he likes is for me to p*** and pee on the flower garden. He lives it and thinks it's sexy so I don't mind.

He has also brought his best friend over and I hung out nude while they were dressed. That was a turn on.

Feb 14

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