Valentine's Day Revenge S**

I started dating him almost a year ago but it was beginning to feel like we were drifting apart. We didn't even meet as often as before. So this Valentine's day, I decided to give him a sexy surprise. I told him the day before that I would come over. The surprise was that I would travel without any panties and would let him f*** me all day.

The day arrives. I reach his apartment in the evening and he's not home. He told me he would be and he didn't even pick up my calls. I waited a bit near his apartment door, walked around outside, and waited in the nearby park but he never came. When he finally answered, he said he forgot about it and told me to go home. He wouldn't explain any further. I wanted to cry and after I hung up, I did. I had no choice but to do as he said.

It was already around 11 pm as I entered an empty pedestrian underpass. I walked past a man who wasn't wearing a mask. He said to me, "I'd like to see that p**** of yours." which p***** me off. So I stopped and turned to face him. He was about to walk off but seeing me stop, he stopped too, waiting for my response.

But instead of saying anything, I just lifted my skirt and showed him my shaved p****. Then I turned to walk away but I heard footsteps and soon one of his hands was on my crotch and the other grabbed my t***. I pulled my mask down, turned my face to him, and kissed him.

It didn't take him long to shove his d*** inside me and after a while, I was c****** all over his d***. He didn't show any indication that he was gonna pull out and I didn't stop him either. After he released his load inside me, he dropped me on the floor, pulled up his pants, and walked away. Didn't even say a word to me. I was just an easy f***.

I stood up, straightened my clothes, and did the same.

My boyfriend kept calling me the other day but I ignored him. Whenever I do pick up will the moment I dump his ass.

Feb 16

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  • I posted Valentines Day Horror Story" in Relationships. Your story had a better ending than mine.

  • You should stay with your boyfriend until you are sure that you aren't pregnant. If you are you can tell him that the baby is his and marry him. That will serve him right since it is his fault that you were f*****.

  • That's hot!
    You should continue to play like this and keep your bf on a leash. What a moron 🙄

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