My Wife Tells Everyone My D*** Is Small

Hey I admit it, I accept it, I can live with it, I have a small c***. I have always had a small c***. It was pointed out in many a school shower rooms. It was pointed out by a few teen girls when I was going to get some ass. They still let me get it. Maybe they thought it would grow in them. Nope but I liked to c**. They never seemed to care one way or the other.

My wife knew when we got married that I had a small d***. She says she married me because of other atributes I had. I was happy with that. Being married there were of course obligations in the bedroom and I did everything I could to keep her satisfied sexually and she did for me. While at first there was penetration even if only an inch, after a short amount of time she just gave up on the penetration part since she got nothing out of it and basically felt too little to continue with that. Our s** life became one of tongues, mouths, and fingers. Well, that is my contributions. She contributed her fingers. It always felt good though.

After a couple years if marriage she started telling me about my lack of size. She started making fun of it. Humiliating me about it. The thing was, I didn't care. I accepted what I had there. Her attacking it and telling me what she seen would actually get me aroused. I loved her honesty. Finally, being honest after a couple years of her saying it was fine. I knew then she was just trying to make me feel good but it didn't do that because I knew she wasn't being honest. Once she started be honest I was loving it.

Time goes on and eventually she starts telling others I have a little d***. At first I was taken back but as a little time passed and I thought about it, I didn't care. I had no fake reputation to live up to. I didn't care if people knew that I was small down there. It was the truth. I was little. Eventually we would be in a group and she would mention I had a tiny d***. I just agreed and went about my business. She would be the ine to tell the others I really didn't care but maybe she got out some kind of message that she is a victim of some kind. Maybe she is. I don't care about that either.

Feb 19

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  • My wife told me that my 7 inch thick d*** is the smallest that she ever had. I said that you have some large d****. She said yes that she had!

  • My wife told a friend of hers , in front of me that I have a small d*** , she did it because I was drunk, she starts conversations with strangers to,

  • Just have your big D buddies f*** her. She'll love you even more when she has someone's else huge c*** in her mouth

  • Sweetheart

    Your wife just desires to be satisfied. It’s perfectly normal for a woman to long for a c*** so big that it hurts.

    Next time you guys are celebrating a special occasion arrange for a black man with a huge BBC to celebrate with you. Make her take all of him. It will tear her tight little p**** up.

    She will thank you for the experience and she will enjoy the fact that your little guys doesn’t hurt. But bring the BBC back every few months so she remembers how much a big one can hurt.

    If you do this she will love you for ever!

  • Or maybe a big White one, or Asian one, or Mexican one... People like you treat black folk like a side show novelty

  • Darling, I have had s** with over 50 men from many different races and there is nothing that beats the length and girth I have enjoyed with black men.

    I love my white husband. He has a 8 inch c*** which is quite large but in my experience the best combination of length and girth comes in only one race.

  • You black d*** guys are funny. As someone who has been in a thousand locker rooms I can easily say that black d*** is nothing special. Plenty of Latin, MErn, and yes, white d**** to go around. You live in a steriotype. Grow up.

  • My wife told me I had a small d*** in a argument. Next day went to my local bar after work picked up a girl f***** the s*** out of her till she tapped out. She told me anytime I want to f*** she game. Who got the last laugh

  • Women always go for that one when they are loosing. Just tell her she is looking old! Or - just like her mother! Women hate that one.

  • Or how much better her sister is in the bedroom... Or how her BFF sure has a nice rack ..

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