I let a guy follow me home and have s** with me, at 16.

After school I worked at a Dairy Queen. A guy came in on a motorcycle and ordered a hamburger and fries and sat down. I went over to him to we got into a conversation and he told me how he was on his way to become a stunt actor in Hollywood. He asked me where I lived and I told him and when I got off he followed me on his motorcycle. My mother, I lived with her, worked at Sears and didn't get off until 8 so basically I was home alone after I got off. He followed me in and a few minutes later he was f****** me on my mother's bed.

It was my first time, not that it made any difference I let him without any hesitation. He came in me and we talked for a while then he left if case my mother got home. When she got home I was dressed and getting dinner on the table, part of my daily chores. My mother went to her room to change and she noticed that the bedcovers were pulled up wrong and she noticed the 'spot' on her flowered comforter. I got called in to explain and I pretended not to know what she was talking about. She put my nose into the spot on the comforter. I really didn't know what she was talking about, I had never had s** and didn't know about the wet spot.

I got pregnant, the guy disappeared and I had a baby in the 11th grade. I suppose that she knew it all when she found the wet spot. I named the baby Frank, after his father but his father doesn't know anything about Frank. I married a man later on, when Frank was 8 and he adopted him and we had two kids together.

That's my confession of teen s** when you should know better.

Feb 20

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