My talk about s** with my mother and her friend

When I was 14 my mother decided it was time for the talk. She asked her good friend, a nurse, to come over and give me the facts, no embellishments. She brought a d**** and a condom, she explained the mechanics of a p**** during e**********, she explained the mechanics of a v***** during s** and the purpose of o***** to open up the cervix and the let the sperm in to get you pregnant. She brought pictures, pictures of various positions, penetration pictures of men's d*** inside vaginas. They talked to me about avoiding a***, use the hole you are supposed to use. They talked to me about keeping a man happy, before during and after s**. They talked to me about men going from flower to flower, but I was only to allow one man near my flower. And they told me that from time to time I may think about other women, that's fine, but to remember that my sole purpose was conception so get married. But above all to have fun, enjoy my body. S** was good for your complexion, s** was good for your sole. So go out and have s** but only with one boy, once you gave yourself to him that was it, so pick carefully. Pick the boy next door, he was a good boy and he needed to get laid and I should think about him because they knew his parents and he was a good boy for me. Then they introduced me to the pill, and I started on anticontraception pills. And I got laid by the boy next door.

Feb 21

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  • My mom did all of that with me also when i was 14!A year later at 15,i made my First Communion in the class with the 7 year olds and was dressed like a little girl.After my party was over that sunday after noon,mom told the neighbor boy,Ryan,who was 16,to come over and i had a slight crush on him!Mom showed him my pretty white,puffy,communion dress and veil and my lace socks and white mary jane shoes and told him i was just like a little girl! She then showed him the cloth diaper and plastic pants and tee shirt i had on under my dress and told him they were to represent infant purity of the girls.She decided that i should be deflowered by mouth and had me get on my knees in front of Ryan.He got out his hard c### and shoved it in my mouth,then mom watched as he thrust his hips back and forth.He came in my mouth a few minutes later and mom helped me swallow his s****.

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