I raped my friend almost 25 years ago

I never thought of it this way until recently when we corresponded with one another. I am disturbed by the things that happened and I wrote it down as it happened. She has it all and is most likely going to the police.
I wanted to explain it on here so get some opinions because some people have looked at it very differently. I looked up the definition of words and laws of my state where it occured. I feel like technically it is what it is. Now I must explain. Im going to add details of our relationship for more context. At the time I was 22 to 23. She was 16 to 17 but that was perfectly legal because she was the age of consent. Some people want to argue about this but I know the law on this. Some people don't seem to understand that. But that's not where the problem it is. First let me explain basically our relationship. I was in love with another girl and I let her know from the very beginning. She was really infatuated with me and hated that I was in love with another girl. I never lied about my feelings for the other girl. I never told the younger girl I loved her. ...She would come up on the weekends and sometimes I would leave her at my apartment all night while I drank at the bars. Or times when she was out and didn't have a way into the apartment she would sit on the steps and wait sometimes hours for me to get home from the bars or maybe even partying after the bars. I do want to point out the good times. We had a lot of good times together and laugh, listen to music and dance, cut up. I was into the punk rock but I would rap Master P as a joke since I was 100% white. We had fun..We had good s** but on at least on one occasion when we were doing a*** she said something about wanting to stop. I told her to "lay there and take it" not so much to be mean but as a turn on. I continued for another 30 seconds to a minute before I stopped. This may have happened on other occasions. She also brought up that I used to spank her because that was my thing. I would spank her really hard and for a really long time. She felt it was too much. But she believes that took away her consent and that she still wants me to be held accountable today. I wrote her what basically amounts to a confession because I felt like I owed her that. I wasn't writing it to get myself in trouble at the time. But that will be used if they do anything. There's no statute of limitations on a felony in the state I live. I have confessed to it and other places. I'm not running from the truth. If anyone has any legal knowledge I'd like to know what they think. I spoke to a couple of Turney's but they don't want to talk about it until charges are actually filed. Because they're not making any money. The strategy will be to lie and squirm and do whatever no matter how dishonest get away with it if I've done something wrong, that wrong then maybe it makes it worse to evade it like a coward. But it's been almost 25 years so I can see anyting really happening. But there is a clear confession, this would be one of many. Of probably three or four. Please leave a comment. I expect to be told the worse. Be candid. The only thing I dont think is fair is vigilante talk. That makes you no better than the one you persecute. By that I mean saying what you would do to someone that in itself would be a crime. For example, I'd chop your d**k off or I hope someone murders you. That kind of s***. I would kill a vigalante so you better be a bad mf. Otherwise I can take any kind of criticism. I hope that makes sense and you recognize the difference.

Feb 21

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  • If it's been 25 years the best she can do is sue you. Statute of limitations is 7 years on s** crimes.

  • Not for a felony.

  • I sure hope you have to answer for it. If she wants you punished after this long you must have raped her. I still bet you dont go to prison. Not unless you have a bad criminal record. But it wont be easy cause I bet there is enough there to where they will put you in county jail for a full year probably. Which is like an eternity. Take responsibility for the awful thing you did. If you try to deny it after writing it down it will just make your punishment harsher. Im sorry but I hope you go to jail. If not this is a unjust world.

  • You made an admission in writing. Fighting the truth now would just make you look worse and ruin any reputation you may have left.

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