I f****** hate my country

I’ll just go ahead and say it: F*** America. This country is a bottomless s***-show that never seems to end. Western liberalism has created a nation of weak, lazy, fat-ass pieces of dog s***. Seriously, just look at people these days. You can’t get anyone to make an effort on anything unless they are threatened into doing so.

Our constitution has been absolutely gutted, and those rights are now meaningless. They tell us that we have all these rights…but as soon as we try to use those rights, they suddenly vanish! That happens because we no longer have any rights. None of us. Don’t sit here and pretend like it’s just your group either, because everyone is eating this s*** sandwich together…except for the oligarchs who have replaced our elected government.

The American justice system needs to be renamed because justice isn’t what they do. It should be called a bribery system because that’s all it is. You pay enough money and you can get away with anything. If you can’t pay, you get f*****. Even the mafia offers more justice than that!

But most Americans don’t care that the values of their forefathers have been thrown in the toilet. Most of the kids today seem more interested in pushing sexual perversions on the world. When your kids go to school, they no longer learn about science, history, or anything else that is useful. Instead, you got these aging hippie douchebag teachers trying to turn them all into trannies. F*** that, too.

I confess that I hope it all falls. I hope America collapses so that it can eventually be replaced with something better. We can’t even change things by voting anymore because they rig the elections! Of course, let’s be real here: they’ve probably been doing that for a long time.

They tell us to fear the Russians, but you know what? No Russian has ever wronged me in any way. And no, they didn’t rig the 2016 election, even the special counsel could not find any proof of that and Robert Mueller admitted that on the final page of his final report. Not saying Putin is a saint, but I at least respect him more than any politician we have here.

The Republican Party is useless and the democrat party is insane. They are just two sides of the same s***-covered coin. Stop arguing with your friends and family about which of these turds are better, because they’re all the same. Don’t trust any of them. Most importantly, don’t turn on your friends and family over the lies of the elite.

F*** America now and forever. It was once a great nation, but it’s people allowed that great nation to be destroyed by bankers, crooked politicians, scumbag media elites, corporate structures, and pretty much every other type of tyrant. I am disgusted with the cowardice of my country, the corruption of nearly all its public officials, the erosion of individual rights, the rampant censorship, the pay-for-play justice system, and the lack of accountability for anyone in power.

Feb 25

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  • We need to start cleaning up this place, instead of saying you hate your country, make a difference. Go up to a leftist and break their face with brass knuckles, join a skinhead gang and beat up illegals you ge that pic. Fight the fight man !

  • My neighbor is a fat white leftist loser. She kissed the Clinton’s a**** for over 25 years. Obama makes her size 20 panties wet! Voted for and supported every far left policy she could find. Now she sees what’s going on in this country and is afraid of the high crime in her neighborhood, wants to know why the Police no longer perform proactive police work, b****** about high inflation, cry’s and whines that she is almost 50 years old and has nothing to show for it but a useless social work BS from City College. Can’t get a job in her field because she has no Masters Degree. She is a hoarder and a cat lady. Loves to tell everyone how they should run their lives and raise their kids. Yes she claims to be an expert on parenting. Her love for the far left has placed her in a position wherein no self respecting man would ever marry her, no man would want to have her bear their child, and her past as a 4 AM bar s*** is just laughable. About 4 guys and one girl just use her in rotation for easy sloppy loud s**. Some nights it’s just her and the vibrator. They need thicker walls here ha ha. Her former friends tired of her liberal nonsense and cut off contact with her after getting married, having children and normal politically moderate (Some left leaning and some right leaning) lives. And she blames all of this, all of her poor life choices, on Trump, Conservatives and the Republicans. How are her poor life choices the fault of partisan politics?
    Sorry for the rant but this discussion set me off thinking about her.
    Is this country imperfect? Yes it is. Will we always have disagreements? Of course. But the hatred of our own country being fueled by the media outlets for ratings, money and power has to stop. We need to all find some common ground and agree to disagree on certain things. Extremism to the Left or Right is not going to help.

  • I hope the n****** she enabled for years murders her.

  • Yep. That Make America Great Again now means...Make America Great Again through Cheating, Lies, and Violence. The GOP and their right-wing crazies are not a Clear and Present Danger to the safety of the United States of America.

  • F*** off you commie scum

  • How would the Trump/GOP like it if a Democrat President cited an insurrection like what Trump did? Since you feel it's okay for the GOP to create an insurrection, then it's okay for the Democrats. Maybe Hillary Clinton really won in 2016 and the Republicans got away with stealing the election for Trump? Could be true.

  • You believe tha s*** ?

  • You have to be a Trump supporter. Trump and his supporters hate America! Wish all you Trump supporters would leave America. Go live in Russia!

  • I always knew how much conservatives hates America. They love the confederacy more than America. They carried the dam confederate and n*** flag into the US Capital. What is wrong with those people? I wish they went back where they came from, Poland. Go back to Poland you f****** stupid Polaks. Leave America for REAL patriots. And take Trump with you white trash subhuman pieces of s*** faggots.

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