Is it wrong to use my moms panties?

I just picked up my moms panties from the hamper to see what they smell like and the smell was enjoyable enough for me to want to do it more often, i dont know how to feel about basically wiping my moms p**** all over my face lol

Feb 26

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  • My grandmother was housemother at a local college sorority. Forty girls during the season.

    Forget mom and aunt Jean...nothing wrong with getting hard for all the right reasons...and scents!

    But mom still smells great!

  • Nothing wrong with using your mom's panties. I've been using your mom's panties for years.

  • No problem with sniffing your mum`s panties at all .
    I did it for years. I did feel guilty at firs but my mum`s f**** always smelled amazing and I always had a good w*** imagining that I was my f****** my mum , especially when I was spying on her as she got naked with her dirty panties round my face. One night as I peeked on her to watch her again, I got lucky and was able to watch her being f***** by her boyfriend.
    I have clear memories of Johnny`s hard c*** entering my mum`s hairy f**** as he held her t**. I`ll never forget the look on her face.
    So, carry on and enjoy .

  • This brings back wonderful memories.
    I first saw my mum Edna in her bra and knickers as she undressed when I was 12, and mum was 42.
    Mum saw me looking and said " You`re not going to see anything ".
    I got an erection and from that moment I was fascinated and determined to see my mum naked. The next day I found her dirty knickers from the night before and her bra. I checked out her bra size from the label and looked inside her knickers. In mum`s knickers I saw a small s*** stain and loads of quite long curly pubic hairs. I remember noticing that mum had a;most black pubes while her head hair was brunette. My k*** now was rock hard.
    I held mum` knickers to my face and inhaled.
    My mum`s f**** odour was and is something I`ll never forget.
    I had my first w*** with my mum`s knickers on my face. Heavenly.
    I repeated this many times for several years. I knew mum knew I wanked with her knickers as she kept hiding them in different places in her bedroom, but she never said anything until my 21st birthday when she told me she knew and asked if I wanted to see her f**** as my birthday present. Naturally I said yes.
    Once she was naked I told her that ideally I wanted to f*** her as I thought her t*** were nice and I adored her hairy f**** .
    After sitting naked talking to me for what seemed like an eternity , my mum agreed and I got to f*** her for the first time.
    It is my mum`s fault I`m addicted to hairy fannys.

  • It's perfectly normal keep doing it if you enjoy no harm will come from it

  • Great fun keep going

  • You're gross. That's his mother's panties.

  • Why shouldn`t he sniff his mum`s knickers ?
    I did and mum knew I did. I adored the smell of her f**** .
    Mum was and still is my most memorable f*** ever, nearly 30 years ago.
    I`ll never forget my mum`s hairy f**** and the night she finally let me do her.

  • Gross. Buy you're own panties if you must. Don't use your mom's.

  • Its not gross sniffing and licking moms and sisters panties

  • If you`ve not sniffed your mum`s panties or seen her naked, you don`t know what you are missing.

  • I wish

  • You are gross.

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