Is this strange, I love feeling pressure on my stomach during s**

This is my first post and searching for this fetish online led me to this forum. Please be kind.

Is it strange that I enjoy my husband pushing h****** my stomach during s**?
When he puts his flat palm across my stomach just above my PB and pushes during intercourse I climax sooo hard. At first he was afraid he would hurt me but over the years his confidence level has risen as well as my trust.
We don’t do it all the time but when we do we both come, hard!
When we first started he suggested placing pillows across my belly and then he would mount me missionary position. The feeling was delicious. The pressure that put on across my mid section was very satisfying. We started using his hand a few years back and the harder he would push the more aroused I became, lately when I climax he started to apply more pressure and it intensifies the moment, we both noticed that during this time I get wetter than normal.
Last night I stretch out across our bed with my hips and buttocks hanging at the edge while he stood on the side and entered me, my legs wrapped around his waist crossed at the ankles and this gave him full access to my flat tummy, not wasting a moment he pushes so deep that he told me that he could feel his p**** inside of me against his hand. I swear, I lost count of my o******.

Like I said at the beginning, this is my first post and I was curious if any other women enjoy this too?? Please comment especially if you have any other ideas or experience you would like to share.
I’m not interested in belly punching, violence has no place in our love making.
Thank you 💋
Josie xoxo

Mar 2

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  • Not strange at all.

    I too enjoy pressure on my stomach.

    My favorite position is to lie on the edge of the bed and wrap my legs around my hubby. Then have our neighbor put her fire red bush in my face while she leans forward and place pressure on my stomach while kissing and nibbling on my husbands chest.

    The kisses and nibbles drive Jim absolutely crazy and if I am lucky he fills Andrea up first and I get to lick up the sloppy mess

  • Hmmm that sounds fun, I’ve never been in a threesome but have fantasized about it. 💋❤️

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