I saw my mum`s f**** without her knowledge and told her....

Last night my brother Kevin fell over drunk and my mum heard the bang and rushed to try and help him to his feet.
I a hurry, mum was wearing only her short nylon nightie that I presume mum didn`t was transparent in electric light.
I arrived in Kevin`s room after mum and before I knew it I was watching her bend to try to lift him .
As mum bent over I saw her bare bum cheeks for the first time and the mass of long pubic hair between my mum`s legs. Mum is 56 yrs old.
Kevin staggered back to bed and mum stood in front of me on the landing .
I now noticed that my mum`s nightie was totally see through .
I could now see her t*** in all their glory including her nipples.
I could also see clearly her full hairy triangle of c*** hair.
I had to tell her . I just said " Mum, do you know your nighties is see through and I can see you completely naked, plus when you bent over I saw right between your legs , your hair bum too ".
Mum replied, " Oh well it`s too late now, I had to help your brother , and I hope you enjoyed the view son, you shouldn`t have been looking , I`m your mum. Mum went back to bed.
I went back to bed and wanked all night thinking about my mum naked.
Mmm, she is so f*******...

Mar 4

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  • Well, she obviously wants it, so I think you should give her some of your d***.
    A recent study showed that a huge number of soccer moms l*** after their own sons. They m********* thinking about them and suck on their dirty jock straps and underpants. this is because so many are not happy with their husbands.
    They also l*** after their sons teenage buddies. Some soccer playing jocks have a thing where they f*** each others' moms. Who knows, your own bro may be f****** her.

  • OK, I'll admit it I've had s** with my older sister when we were teens. But the thought of anything sexual with my mother is just an instant turn off.

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