Women's panties

I am 68 and I love wearing panties and prefer string or bikini. I want to get some satin, but for now the nylon is very comfortable. I like all the colors but pink is my favorite. My wife has helped me pick out some panties and that alone is sexy as h***. I would like to try a skirt or maybe a kilt.

Mar 8

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  • I am a white male 59 and ever since I was 10 I knew I was different I am very manly acting but I have a very feminine side I love wearing womens bras and panties and lingerie I have worn makeup and swallowed my own c** I am not gay but who knows why I feel this way

  • Buy panties, put them on, look in the mirror, go out in public. How was it?

  • Guys/boy are always asking about wearing panties. No person should be shocked that someone wants better underwear. Panties=better!!

  • My comments at Quora are at 250,000 views. There is a lot of interest in panties. Some comments were on other subjects like jerking off most about panties. Some guy YOU know is wearing panties.

  • From this viewpoint> Men have a p**** and b**** they can't wear panties!! Well how come so many panties fit perfectly ?? What ever is between your legs should not determine your underwear choices. Women wear men's clothes? Panties weigh a fourth of men's underwear. smooth soft thin....wear them or just suffer in mens s***** underwear

  • I am not surprised about how many guys wear panties. I am more likely to be surprised how many men would not enjoy it , especially if their woman wanted them to do it. Panties are so comfortable that guys buy many of them. Yes, guys like pantyhose also, knee highs for me, warm and stimulate my tired legs. If a family member is caught in or with panties it should shock no one.

  • Panties give me more room in my pants, I hate ball smashing jeans...LOL. Panties are fun and much better underwear.

  • My new panties came from Amazon, nice new colors! I enjoy wearing panties so much why would I stop???

  • I am going to wear leopard print panties to work...he he he..

  • Wearing blue satin panties with flowers and a bow, hey I felt a little girlie.

  • A boy alone in a home, panties laying out....guess what happens next?

  • Wearing panties is enjoyable, a secret hobby.

  • When I put my panties on I do not look like a woman, feel like a woman. I just enjoy wearing them. I am not alone.

  • In all truth isn't it sad that I have to share my love for wearing panties online? Here, Quora, Girls ask Guys etc... even panty makers give you a short answer and just want my money. I think one lady was sincere...smh. Truth is that wearing panties shouldn't be a dirty secret or disgusting. Why should I give up something so enjoyable? Not gay, not a crossdresser...just like nylon panties.

  • When I pull my panties up and look in the mirror I feels and looks right to me, why are people freaked about a choice of underwear? They accept transgenders but not guys who would rather wear women's underwear instead of hot,bulky men's crap. The panties I am wearing right now are thin smooth and feel nice. Some of you wish she wanted you to wear them.

  • Want to buy more panties, just like thousands of other guys,...

  • I am wearing VF Lace Nouveau sitting here....what a great find, a well kept secret..is 8 pair enough?

  • Many of us wear panties, so much more comfortable, no fly no seam soft and smooth. My b**** are cooler , panties are thinner.

  • You lucky guy

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