Gay guys throw a h*** of a party

My nephew (Tommy) is gay. I am the only male in the family that hasn't shunned him and made him feel like an outcast. Tommy left home as soon as he graduated high school because of his poor relationship with his father. Over the past few years I occasionally helped him with rent, buying a car, stuff like that.
Last week Tommy turned 21 (legal drinking age in our state). His boyfriend asked for my help with a surprise birthday party. My role was to pick him up after work and bring him to the party location. His boyfriend rented a hotel suite with a hottub for the party.
I brought Tommy as planned. When we arrived it was what I figured, a "sausagefest". His boyfriend and a half dozen other young guys. Everyone had a drink and 3 or 4 of the guys were sitting in the hottub. I was a little surprised at how comfortable the guys were with each other. When the guys in the hottub got out to refresh a drink I realized they were walking around completely nude.
After a few drinks I really didn't notice it any more. Finally his boyfriend stopped the music and made a toast to the birthday boy. I was confused at the end of the toast. His boyfriend said "tonight your wildest fantasy is going to come true". Then I got a shock, his boyfriend and all the guys in the room started to undress. The surrounded Tommy and began kissing him, groping and pulling his clothes off. I was so embarrassed I wanted to crawl under the table. Tommy looked like he was in heaven. He was on his knees surrounded by the boys sucking and jacking their c****. His boyfriend put him on all fours announcing "I get him first, the line forms here". I watched as he started working his c*** in Tommy's ass. Two of the boys were in Tommy's face keeping his mouth full. It didn't take long and his boyfriend tensed up as he filled Tommy with his c**. As he moved another boy immediately took his place. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. His boyfriend walked over to me and snapped me back into reality. He told me Tommy wanted me to be at the party and how much he appreciated everything I had done for him. His boyfriend reached down and began rubbing my c*** and said I could join in if I wanted. I could feel myself getting hard. He opened my pants and began sucking me. That was all the encouragement I needed. I stripped down and bent him over a chair. I had never f***** a boy before and I was so amazed at how tight his ass was. It felt great as I pumped in and out of him. After a few minutes he stopped me and told me to save it for Tommy. We both walked over and joined in. Tommy looked at me and smiled as he took my c*** and guided it into his mouth. I don't know how many of the boys had f***** Tommy. As he sucked me I watched two boys finish in him. I couldn't take it any more and moved around back. I watched as one of the boys pulled out and got up. Tommy's cute ass was open and dripping c**. It felt so warm and wet as I slid my c*** inside him. It felt like I unloaded a gallon of c**. It was the best f*** I have ever had.
The party went on until late in the morning. Tommy was f***** in every way possible and he just kept going.
Our relationship has definitely changed now. A few days later Tommy stopped by my house and thanked me for coming to his party. Actually for staying and joining in. He gave me a hug and kissed me on the lips. He was running late for work but he invited me to come by their apartment any time and he and his boyfriend would be glad to "take care of me".

Mar 12, 2022

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  • I am gay. My boyfriend did the same thing for me. He only brought 2 guys though. But the 3 of them worked me over pretty good!

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