This girl's car got f***** by her friends and boyfriends kids

I feel really weird about what my friends did to this girls car.
She drives a nice SUV that her boyfriend got for her. He is in the U.S arms services and was just sent over to Europe for a troop build up supporting our allies. Russia has recently started a war with Ukraine. The sad events unfolded like this. Noelle is the girl with the automobile. The day her boyfriend left on military deployment she took her vehicle into a friends auto shop to get a simple oil change. A guy that was working in the shop that day told me that he had removed some coil packs from a vehicle and switched them with another vehicle. He mentioned the make of the vehicle being Lincoln. I really did not pay any attention to the conversation at the time. I don't know why he even told me about this. Later that night I was riding with a friend on I95 heading North out of Miami to Palm bay to pick up a vehicle. Just as we were exiting the highway to Palm Bay my friend got a phone call from Noelle. She asked him if he could stop by to check out her car. She was broke down in a Walmart parking lot just outside of Palm Bay. My friend asked me if I could take a look at his friends vehicle it was giving her problems. I told him no problem lets do this I have my tools with me. When we pull up into the parking lot I notice a Black Lincoln SUV and Noelle is sitting behind the wheel with the hood open. She had a sad look on her face. The last time I saw her she was pulling out of her property in this SUV and she looked fantastic. She had this sitting on a high horse look. On this day she has this deflated look like a flat tire. My buddy and I get out of the car he goes to talk to her and I go look under the hood. I noticed one thing about Noelle she never looked at me. It was like she was doing it on purpose. I got the same feeling from her the last few times I ran into her. I did not really like her something happened and I just did not like her. I thought about it as I looked over her engine and noticed the wires to her a sensor on the intake was damaged. I also noticed the wires that went to the six coil packs on the V6 engine were greasy and looked like they were recently handled. It was odd because the rest of her engine was very clean. I mentioned to my buddy I think I found the problem. I repaired the exposed wire on the sensor but it looked like it had shorted out. I started thinking about Noelle and what was the reason I had a problem with her. I racked my brain as I put electrical tape around the exposed wires. I realized there was no reason for me to have any negative feeling about her. She was cool as f*** I ran into her at a mutual friends house and she was smoking and she even passed the pipe to me and said hey you want to hit this. I walked over the the drivers side were my friend was talking to Noelle she had her drivers door open. I told her if it does not start or stalls there is something else I can do to fix it but try to start it now. She turned the key and it started right up but then it started to sputter like it was going to stall out. She took her foot off the brake and started to push the gas pedal and it still stalled. Noelle looked at me as it stalled out and she gave me this look. It was the look I am familiar with when girls know about my foot fetish. I told her she is going to have to get a new IAT sensor because it must have shorted because the insulation on the pigtail was exposed. I taped it up with electrical tape but the sensor is more than likely shot. I will unplug it and it will be fine. For the first time she gave me a halfway smile. I unplugged the sensor as well as disconnected the negative terminal on the battery for a few seconds and then reconnected it. I closed the hood and told her to start it. The engine started right up when she turned the key. She had a look of relief on her face and no longer looked like a deflated flat tire she had that riding on her high horse again look as she continued to rev the engine. She revved it over and over with a look of excitement on her face. She got out of the vehicle and gave me a hug thanking me. She hugged me extra hard kind of caught me off guard. I felt her body push against me extra hard right on my now erected c***. I was hard as h*** and she felt it against her body. She asked if I could ride with her back to Orlando because she did not want to ride alone she was nervous with the car. I looked at my buddy and he suggested that I ride with her it was the right thing to do and we could always pick the car up some other time. I was going to ride with Noelle I felt some kind of connection with her once her car started. I jumped into the passenger seat and we were off. I told Noelle that its going to idle a bit strange up and down at stops and she would have to buy a new IAT sensor. When we stopped she asked if she should put the car into Neutral and rev the engine. I responded with yes. While we were stopped waiting to get onto I95 she was revving up the engine kind of soft at first then a bit aggressive as she made eye contact with me. She said with this low pitch voice it may have had something to do with the Menthol cigarette she had just lite up. They tend to lower the voice of women when the take the first couple drags. I always find this voice very sexy. It started with this babysitter I had growing up. She had an older 1970's Chevelle and it would have troubler starting. She would light up a cigarette and turn the key to try and start it. It would always take a few minutes to start. While starting she would talk to the car say something like do it for me come on start up start for me. Every time she lite up a menthol cigarette her voice would get deep.
Noelle was revving the engine rather aggressively and she made the statement ' You like this don't you, me revving this engine, I know it turns you on doesn't it."
I guess someone must of told her I was turned on by it sometime in the past. She said she was going to pay me back for helping her with the car but she did not have much money. As she pulled onto I95 she slipped her flip flops off and started to drive barefoot. She put her right foot on the seat and looks at me. She makes another statement with the sexy deep voice "this turns you on also doesn't it, me driving barefoot" I said yes it does because you do have pretty feet and you are a sexy woman. She remarks with but you don't like me?
I said yes I like you just I never really had a chance to get to know you better. She said well let me help you get to know me better. She reached over her right hand and opened my pants up I helped a little and she started stroking my c***. I was getting harder and harder with each pull she made to my c***. I scanned her over she was a very sexy young lady. Her feet were beautiful and she had a very nice body slim / athletic.
She pulls over on the side of I95 she says now I will let you get to know me really good. She hits the flashers and gets on her knees on the drivers seat and leans down putting my c*** inside her mouth and she begins give me the best road head I had in a long time.
It felt so good and I told her I was about to c**. I thought she was going to pull off but she sucked hard my d*** in her mouth and her sucking hard now her hand was on my b**** and she gave it a hard squeeze. I started c****** so hard she held her mouth tight on my d*** it was such a good feeling. She swallowed every bit of c**. I felt drained as she scooted back into the drivers position behind the wheel. The engine was running but it was idling up and down. Noelle put her foot on the gas pedal and revved it really hard. I had not put my pants up yet and my d*** was laying soft. The moment she started to rev that motor my d*** starts to stiffen up again. Noelle was looking right at it and revved the engine even harder before driving back onto i95 from the emergency lane. She looked at me and said your hard already and I Bet your ready to go again. I didn't even finish saying Yes when she said she wanted to get on top and ride it. To be continued

Mar 13

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  • Damn. All you were supposed to do was fix her car. Not her h**** wanna-f***-wanna-f*** tendency. I hope she gets f***** by 72 homeless guys & immediately gets sent back to you.

    Also, Marcellus Martyros, stop it with all the fantasies. You raped a minor.

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