My first gay s**

When I was 19 my girlfriend went out of town with a friend on a equestrian event. They were gone 3 days. She suggested I hang out with her friends boyfriend, who was just a casual aquatintance. Me and Nick agreed to hang on Friday night. There was nothing going on that night so we ended up back at my house early, before 11pm. It was mid August in Georgia and got a crap. We were both wearing shorts and tank tops that night. When we got in my house my brother and a friend were watching a p**** video. Me and Nick watched the last 15 minutes with them. My brother went to bed and his friend went home. Me and Nick went to my bedroom. When I walked in I took off my shirt and tossed it on a table by the bed. We looked a my collection of girly mags for probably a half hour. I was h**** from looking at the mags a Nick and I knelt by my bed using it as a table for the mags. I don’t know what made me do it but I touched Nick on the back of his shoulder, when I did he turned and kissed me. I started to pull away at first but then I kissed him back. We made out for maybe a minute, when Nick asked if I’d ever been with a guy. I told him no, which was the truth, but that I was curious. Nick told me to sit on the edge of my bed, which I did. Nick pulled my shorts off and my d*** was rock hard. I was in amazement as Nick leaned in and started sucking my d***. It didn’t take me long to realize he was better at it than my girlfriend was. After a couple minutes Nick stood up in front of me and pulled off his shorts. As soon as I saw his hard d*** I didn’t hesitate, I leaned in and started sucking him. After a couple of minutes we got in a 69 on my bed. We sucked each other off on the 69 with each filling the others mouth with c**. We both laid there and laughed for a minute afterwards and fell asleep. I woke up first the next morning still naked laying next to Nick who was also naked. I couldn’t believe what had happened the night before. Nick have me my fist taste of a*** s** the next morning as we sucked and f***** twice that day. Our girlfriends never found out how we spent our weekend.

Mar 13

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