S** addiction

I think I'm a s** addict. I fall for any guy who passes by. I can't count how many b******* I've given in pickups and cars. I don't have any idea anymore of how many guys have screwed me. I don't want to know their names, it doesn't matter anymore. My last encounter was with a guy selling life insurance. What a total loser. But I sucked him off and spread my legs and let him f***.

I'm not 55 and lonely, I wasn't an abused child, I didn't grow up in a trailer park. I wasn't like this in high school or college. This is something that started when I got my first job out of college and joined this girl at a wine bar after work, where she went to get picked up and I let guys pick me up too. Any guy, as long as his d*** worked. I've been picked up by women too.

Mar 13

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  • We had a gal in high school that gave BJ's at noon in the trees near our school.
    She wouldn't let anyone into her panties, but I took her out on a date a few times and she did me.
    She told me she loved me and wanted us to be together, but since I knew she has nearly all of the guys in school in her mouth and at least two of the teachers, I didn't like that idea.
    She was fun in bed, though.

  • As an ex s** addict it sometimes just happens. It’s not always from child trauma or mania from bp. Let me ask you, do you need it more than 10-20 times a day? And if you don’t feed that urge do you go insane? That’s a real s** addict. Pure h***. People think it’s a great thing but often mistake it with liking to f*cl. Big difference. A real s** addict knows the truth. I sadly was one. I hope for your sake it’s not what I had. Watch the film Shame, that’s the ugly truth. That was my life.

  • Damn girl, see an exorcist. You're a hyperheterosexual nymphomaniac. Damn girl, how many guys have you f*****? You need everybody's sperm, so you can give birth to the filthiest dirtiest street p*** who ever lived. Come on girl, skip the convo, and get to sperm depositen. Wooh! My name is Marcel Shihadeh, and I raped a minor. Send all your horse p*** here: twitter.com/@aliamjadrizvi

  • Your right that is gross I wish she would do better for herself No man will ever respect her if she keeps doing this .

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