First a***

The first time we had a*** s** she said she felt like she was in total bliss and I felt as though I had found an opening to her soul.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Really? My wife hates a*** and usually pleads for me to stop and when I don't for me to hurry up.

  • Really when I ever do a*** on my wife she cries and pleads for me to stop and when I don't to hurry up.

  • Thats deep, made me cry a little.

  • because....

  • The first time I had a*** it hurt like h***, but i have gotten used to i. I had it yesterday and it hurt at first because it had been a while.

  • There is NO better feeling than c****** in the ass of the woman you love...:-P

  • Just admit it, people. A***, to a guy, feels SO much better - it's tighter, thus the sensations to the h****** feel so much better, compared to the wider, more slippery v*****.

    And if a girl would have the, um, ovaries to admit it, they know they love a*** best.

  • gauche, gross, and uncalled for

  • ".... I had found an opening to her soul."

    I don't think that's where the soul is.

  • My first a*** I felt like I was a rubber band being stretched into a huge circle. When the humping started I felt each thrust like a shockwave in my whole body. After he came in me I was so shook up I just lie there while he fingered and sucked my puss to o*****. I was 10 and I worshiped him. I was heartbroken when he finally left for college.

  • i LOVE a***-

    oh and BTW I'm a girl.

  • By the way, I'm a girl.

  • first time i had a*** it was a pain in the ass

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