Pregnant and h****

I'm nearly 7 months pregnant and for the last 5 months i have been having an affair with my brother in law.My husband won't have s** with me because im pregnant and that's where his brother came into it.I dressed up in sexy lingerie for my husband to tempted him and he just walked out and went of to work,I was left disappointed and upset and was about to go and change when i had a knock on my door.It was my brother in law who could see how upset i was and was so sweet making sure i was ok after telling him i must be ugly looking pregnant, i showed him what i had on underneath my robe.all i could think about was s** and we ended up kissing and having s** on my kitchen table,it was just what i needed.What was meant to be a one off has now turned into a 5 months affair.While my husband works im at home getting what i need, being heavily pregnant i can only be in two positions on top or on my side which is my brother in law preferred position.

Mar 23

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  • I so wish I could make you feel like the sexy woman you are!! Love ya Babe❤️❤️

  • I was 19, single, 4 months pregnant and a team lead for a fast food restaurant. My normal shift was breakfast and a construction worker away from home for a few months kept begging to message on snap. He was mid 40s & married.
    I finally gave in. We messaged one night then I agreed to meet up at his motel room.
    The guy totally pounded it out of me! BEST EVER!

  • Nothing better than an experienced partner

  • Thirteen years ago, I was 23 and pregnant for the first time.
    My husband and I were having s** but not as often as I was craving.
    When I started showing we were doing it less often and it was more like a pity-f***. He kept complaining it was uncomfortable for him even though I was doing cowgirl and all the work.
    Let's just call him an ex-boyfriend, even though we never 'dated' lol...found out I was pregnant on Facebook and messaged me.
    We started sexting and he admitted to having a prego fetish. He asked for a few selfies of my belly.
    A few days later, I was at his apartment having some of the best s** I'd ever experienced! OMG!
    To give a few details:
    He massaged and kissed my feet, went down on me for a long time. BTW: I was already wet too! The guy did his research and we did positions comfortable during pregnancy. Cowgirl, spooning from behind & doggy were our favorite.

  • My husband was working for a financial company when I became pregnant with our first child. We'd just relocated & living in an apartment complex with a pool. With is pay, he told me to say home during my pregnancy and not look for a job. I grew up near the beach so I loved laying in the sun. When I started showing, my husband refused to have s** with me. His excuse, he thought he'd poke the baby with his d**k. We all know better plus, my husband is not that well endowed!
    I was 4 months into my pregnancy wearing a bikini at the pool when Tom came over to chat. He was 42, tan and fit from eating healthy and swimming. He started flirting and complimented my bikini and kept staring at my b****.
    It didn't take long before we went back to his place and I was banging his brains out.
    We had lots of s** while I was pregnant and after I recovered. It came to an end when we moved into our house.
    My daughter is 5 and I have a son age 3.
    I'm still friends with Tom on FB. During my second pregnancy, he begged me to have s** with him but things didn't work out. lol

  • OMG! Same here!
    We became pregnant for the first time in 2018 and my husband ALSO refused to have s** with me. He said the same thing. He thought he'd hurt the baby! WFT!
    I was h**** all the time so I started f****** his friend.
    The guy is a cocky man w**** & major player. He enjoyed the arrangement and promised to never kiss and tell. To this day, my husband has no clue!!

  • I secretly had s** with my boss a few times while pregnant with my son 19 years ago.
    I ran cross country in college and my body type is tall and slim. I was 24 at the time and working at a local owned coffee shop downtown. I had just started showing and had a small 'belly bump' but I could fit into my size 2 low rise jeans with tank top or t-shirt. Around this time my husband and I stopped having s**. Even though my hormones were going crazy and wanting all the time!
    The owner and my boss was mid forties, divorced, former military, fit, attractive, confident, 'major player' and very flirty.
    He began complimenting my figure and 'sexy belly bump'. OMG! If you want to do something kind in this world, compliment a pregnant girl.
    Long story short:
    We secretly had s** during my entire pregnancy up until 3 weeks before I went into labor.
    When it became a regular thing, I told him I was his 's** craved pregnant hoe'.
    After my son was born, we never had s** again.

  • You are blessed to have such a relationship with your brother in law.

    In fact you may want to think about either continuing the relationship post pregnancy or even getting a divorce and making your living BIL you loving husband

  • Good for you if you're husband doesn't like having s** with because you are pregnant. It's his loss I am happy for you. I found your story that turns me on. If you wear wearing sexy lingerie in front of me. I wouldn't even think twice we would be doing it right there if you were pregnant or not.

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