Salvaged a possible trip from h***

Girl I met many years back I stupidly met online when younger. Went to visit her and was truly unimpressed with what she looked like. Chick lies about her pics and frames them. Bleh. Should’ve seen my older woman friend in Vegas instead.

Wanting to make the best of this trip from h*** we f**ked a few times before her saying it’s too soon, it’s too soon. Umm ok why the h*** am I here? Just as well chick wasn’t great upstairs.

Went to the drive in (yes they amazingly still existed here) to see a flick with her two best friends. Much better looking girls thank god! She starts drinking and ends up out cold quickly. Good. Start drinking and talking with her more interesting and appealing friends. Wasn’t expecting anything but I guess alcohol talks or well they like north east boys. Short gorgeous friend goes down on me like a pro and the other doll takes off her panties and starts riding my face. We all had s** shortly thereafter in various places. Salvaging this trip.

Totally unexpected but hallelujah my trip doesn’t now suck. Rest of the week I indulged. Her 2 besties, even her deprived of s** mom who was a nympho. Girl would go to work and her mom would come in the guest room or join me in the shower. Wasn’t an amazing looking woman like the 2 bimbos I indulged all week with but she knew how to f**k and was so less uptight than her yucky daughter.salvaging the trip.

One night she weirdly sat next to me at the table when eating. Wine was on the table. She started pouring multiple glasses for her yucky daughter and her lifeless husband. Long story short, they were thankfully out cold in little over an hour. Thank god. Right in front of them on the floor, the couch, against the wall, their bedroom, yucky daughter’s room, back to the shower etc. Least I saved a trip that had the makings of utter h*** in a crappy state.

Mar 23

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