I am actively engaging in homosexual s**

Starting several years ago I have felt to the urge to kiss another man. Like this, I am with a man having a drink or having dinner, I look at him and I start to feel like I want to kiss his lips. It is always when I am with a man who is mature, say fifty or more and is good looking, masculine. The urge is very strong and I have to hold myself. That is until I was at a hotel bar, very dark in there, and I was at the bar and this man sat beside me and we talked and he kept touching my thigh and he leaned over to whisper in my ear with his hand on my thigh and I kissed his cheek. I'm 56, not 12. He went unphased and kept his hand on my thigh, rubbing his hand up and down and of course leaning closer.

He whispered that he had a bottle of good Scotch upstairs and invited me to come up for a shot. We went up and once in his room he took off his jacket and invited me to do the same and served us a shot of Scotch and he sat on the bed and invited me to sit beside him. On the bed he put his hand on my thigh again and turned and kissed me on the lips moving his hand up and grabbing my p**** in my pants. The kiss was very long, so long that we had to put the glasses down and we fell back on the bed and we kissed some more while he undid my pants to get his hand down and grab my p**** in his hand.

I let him, I felt like maybe a girl does the first time she is felt up, I just didn't want him to stop kissing me. When he bend down to kiss my p**** and I worked to get my pants off. He undid his belt and pushed his pants down and I instinctively grabbed his p**** and bent down to suck him. It was all natural like it happened a 100 times before. Nothing held me back, we took all our clothes off, turned down the bed and he made love to me. Culminating in intercourse which I was more than ready for.

This was a one night stand. He went his way and I went mine, back to my city, my house, my job, my wife. But the feeling of kissing another man, of being with another man, of having another man make love to me has not gone away. If anything it is stronger than ever. I am 62 years old now and I date on line with like minded men. Sure I feel a bit embarrassed, and going home to my wife and telling her how difficult the reports were than evening, or taking a trip and spending an extra day away so I can meet up with a man. I know it's cheating, and much more. My wife and I no longer have sexual relations, I just do not have any desire for that. I try to remain a good husband and provider, she is unable to support herself and I would never leave her because of that.

Mar 25

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