Dog sitting for a friend

I have always loved the idea of having a dog penetrate me. Like always. I remember being a kid playing at a friends house, and her dog started humping my arm, so I wrapped my hand around his c*** and f***** my hand and came all over me. My friends mom had no idea why his knot was out when there were no other dogs around. That was my first encounter. Since then I’ve fantasized about going further than that. I used to let my own dog lick me out damn near every night.

Now, we’ll into my adult years, I’m finally going to get a chance to fulfill my fantasy of letting a dog f*** me. A friend has asked me to dog sit her very handsome MASSIVE rambunctious lab who is not neutered. I realized last night that I will finally be spending three beautiful nights being f***** and licked by this beautiful dog who already loves me. To say I am not turned on just thinking about it is an understatement. The weekend isn’t until well into the summer but I’ll be counting down the days until he can f*** me.

Mar 26

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