I tied up my aunt

I was lanky 14 year old. I had become obsessed with women in bondage from watching shows like Charlies Angels and Dukes of Hazzard.
My Aunt used to babysit my little brother. He would go to bed at 8 and my aunt and I would watch TV together. I was mildly obsessed with her tiny feet. She was only 5 foot 2 and I was 5 foot 10. She always wore very sheer tan tights, as were fashionable in the 70s. She would kick them off and lay comfortably on the sofa with her feet up. Just inches from my thigh and left hand. The soles of her feet were perfect.
One day we were watching Saphire and Steel and Joanna Lumley was tied up.
My Aunty said that she could never understand why they could never escape as it looked easy. So I said I bet you couldn't escape if I tied you up. She accepted the challenge.
As I went upstairs to look for stuff to bind her with my excitement rose.
I collected a pair of football socks, my dressing gown cord and a football scarf.
My Aunt lay on the sofa smiling when I returned. I ordered her to lay on her front and cross her wrists behind her back. She obeyed. I studied her sheer stockinged legs and feet as she got into position.
I quickly tied her wrists together with the dressing gown cord.
Wow that's tight, she said. I don't want you to escape I said.
I then bent down to her feet and tightly tied her ankles with one of my football socks. Her toes wriggled as she flexed her ankles and feet. Delicious.
I then knotted the last football sock and placed the fat knot in her mouth. I then tightly tied it in place around the back of her head. She laughed and called for help. Mmmmmmmmph!
I then tied the scarf around her knees for extra security.
She squirmed for 5 minutes but could not free herself.
I then placed her toes in my mouth and kissed and licked the soles of her feet.
I freed her a few minutes later. She then gently helped me climax into her hand.

Mar 31

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