White girl came to our hood looking for s**

I'm part of a gang that has a lot of street thugs and some criminals. But I don't follow them in their daily activities and I'm probably the least dangerous-looking here. I go to school and all, but they treat me just like one of them. We're like brothers. We're all black and one look at our neighborhood would make most urban people uneasy. So I was surprised when I saw this little white chick in a little sundress walking in like it was nothing. She looked like a model or something with a slim and sexy body that didn't belong here at all. Both her cute face and body reminded me of this actress called Elle Fanning that I j*** off to. Her little white ass looked so out of place here. She talked to some of our guys and then walked away. I thought she was just buying some weed and I would never see her again. But they said she didn't buy anything and instead was just flirting with them. She came back the next day wearing the same sundress, showing off a lot of skin. I wanted to see her naked because the resemblance was turning me on. She looked around a bit, saw Jake sitting alone, and walked up to him. Jake's a very old-looking dude who used to mug people. I heard he killed someone. I couldn't hear what they were saying but she did sound flirty. Suddenly she sat down on his lap and her dress rode up her legs. My head was already filled with dirty thoughts about this strange girl. We went closer to listen in. I heard her say, "you know... I just turned 18 last month." while fiddling with his collar. I got a huge b**** as soon as I heard this. One of her straps slid down her shoulders and I was hoping to see her t***. But it didn't. Jake calmly said, "we oughta celebrate then." She giggled. Then she took his hand and put it on her left breast and said, "just you and me." They got up and walked to his place with his hand on her ass. All the boys looked on in disbelief at this pretty girl going with a dangerous thug. After a while, curiosity and jealousy got the better of me and I went to listen outside the door. They talked for a while and then I heard her cute little voice moaning uncontrollably. I couldn't help but j*** off to hearing her c**. Jake's grunt joined in and soon I heard her scream repeatedly, "I'm c******!" Sometime later, she came out with her hair all sweaty and messed up and her panties in her hands as if to put herself on display. She regularly came to our place and let random guys f*** her almost every day. Sometimes when I listen in, she tells the guy to "c** inside" her after she's had her o*****. I don't know why she does all this but I'm waiting for the day she'd come to me. I have been having a lot of wet dreams about her. One day, after she went to one of my friend's place, I saw her come out to the balcony completely naked. She leaned on the railing and put her t*** on display for all of us. Oh, they were glorious, soft mounds with pink nipples. My friend came out and grabbed them and kissed her from behind. I was hoping to see her get railed there but he took her inside to s****. She's already f***** quite a lot of our guys but I haven't got picked yet. Maybe I should ask the guys to share her with me if they get picked.

Apr 1

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