Show my C*** Head picture to female colleague

Two days before one of my female Colleague a very beautiful married woman, this woman has a killer body, not an ounce of fat and a perfect set of t***, granted her ass is a little small, but her t*** more than made up for that slim body, asked me to make an invitation for a family get together and she gave me the details through her email. I took the picture of my C*** head and made the background picture of the digital invitation card with it and designed the wordings of invitation on my C*** Head picture. It looked good with that pink back ground and in close up the small skinny mounts looked like little pink bulbs lit in the background.

Also I made a presentation with the same c*** head pink picture as the background picture and converted it to an mp4 file and sent to her on email. She sent both the invitation card and the PPT.mp4 file to her invitees and sent me a thanks for the great help. I masturbated with great c**, thinking of her t*** and giving her my c*** head presentations.

Apr 5

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  • Five fingers on the hand, the one sinister shrivelled pale hand in the darkness against all of humanity:

    EtherJou, rule of thumb

    FireAnglo, now point with your finger.

    WaterEuro, don't point with the middle finger.

    TerraGog&Magog, put a ring on it

    AirKhaleej, pinky without the brain

  • Call him B-El. The Being of El. The universe. Brahma. Tao. Deus Pater. Dpater. Djeus. Jeus. Jevus. Jovus. Jove. K. Now: Djeus. Zeus. Devos Pater. Onely him be frauden as all of universe.

    They call him the one praised. Weird. Only God is praised. The Turks called him Mehmet. The Euros called him Mahomet. The Templars obscured his name to Bafomet.

    A statue standing for the One frauden as the B of El. The Be of God.

    Never sacrifice a goat. Sacrifice a cow every chance you get. If you see a green frog, kill it. If you see a black cat, shoo it away. Better not take your chances. If a black cat streaks across your vision, invoke a name of God. If you see a spider, KILL IT. RIGHT AWAY. Don't take your chances.

    If a dog is barking in no particular direction, he's barking at a devil. So invoke one of God's names. Hallucinations = The devil in possession of man's ears or eyes. Delusions = The devil's lies inserted into the tormented's mind.

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