S******* mates other son

I had an affair 10 years ago with my neighbors 18 year old son and now im 38 and s******* her other son who is 16. my neighbor and i was having a coffee when her son joined us and at one point i made a comment that i need to get bigger bra's and it got him interested.yeah i played with him by cupping my t*** it made it more fun knowing he was exited.it was days after i saw my neighbor leave and i paid the lad a visit, sneaking in the back way him and me shagged .The young lad wouldn't leave my t*** alone as i shagged his brains out. bringing him to o***** i left him satisfied and to recover,i forgot the young ones don't need time to recover and it wasn't long after i got inside my house we was in my bed satisfying him again.i know it won't last but hey it's a lot of fun.

Apr 8

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  • Love neighbors like you! My neighbor's wife used tovisit my mom and I would always make coffee and serve it while they were in the living room! My mom would sit on the sofa facing the front door and our neighbor would sit facing the kitchen door! I would stand there some times and just smile at her! When she wore a skirt, she would some times flash me! I would stand there and rub my c*** until one day I decided to show her my thing! She smiled and licked her lips! After a few visits I would stand there and m********* for her! WHen I shot my load, she would open her mouth and breathe deeply! One day she came over and as usual I went to make coffee and she asked me to please put some cream in it!! While the coffee was brewing I jacked off into her cup! I was young and came a lot! She spoke as if I was far away in the other room and said to just bring her a spoon with her cup!

  • I gave my mom a cup of coffee and then took a cup about three quarters full of Spe_ _ to the neighbor! She stirred it and then scooped up a spoonful and swallowed it! She commented that it was perfect! I must have been around 7 or eight 'cause I remember j********** to my first grade teacher, Mrs. Gary!! Anyway, she asked my mom if I could go help her move some stuff in her garden and I began a long career of learning all about s** and the last time I saw her she was in her eighties and still enjoyed great times!

  • If this is true, please continue and enjoy fantasies.

  • The math does not add up.

    How old are you? How old is the neighbor’s son?

    How old where you both when your relationship started?

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