I'm addicted to physical affection and s**

Not everything is normal. I mean, normal is a construct, right. I was born into a family of big busted women. Everyone thinks having large b****** is God's gift. It isn't. I wish I had smaller b******. I had everything growing up, but not affection. I crave physical affection. I want a man's hands all over me. I work with a man who pulls me towards him and cups my b******. I don't want him to let go. S**, physical s**, d*** in p**** s**. I can't seem to get enough of it. I won't say I'm a w****, I don't charge for s**. I give it away. If a man comes onto me, and he is physical and aggressive I give in. He can take me where he wants, by the time he is ready my panties are off and I'm wet and waiting.

My first at work s** was with the boss. I was 17 and working after school for this insurance agency as a file clerk. My sweater was a bit too tight and the owner kept staring at my b******. I was wet and didn't know it. Wet, wet p**** wet. I must have telegraphed to him that I was wet. I didn't get a chance to lower my pants myself, he bent me over the desk in his office and lowered my pants and I had a d*** in my p**** and my virginity flew out the window. My first s** and I had my face in paperwork, I never even saw the d*** that f***** me.

It's been that way.

Apr 10

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