My mother had to teach me to mother the man I have s** with

My father died and left us in the poor house. My mother got a job and we had to get jobs. At this job I met a man who was much older than me and I fell for his advances and let him have s** with me. He met my mother and he had s** with her (my mother is 45). He told me that there were two kinds of s**, s** with a young woman was exciting and fresh. S** with an older woman was rewarding because an older woman knows how to wrap herself around a man and mother him after he is done.

He insisted on having s** with us at the same time, we agreed but only because he was calling the shots. Watching him have s** with my mother was only half as bad as my mother watching him have s** with me. After s** he demanded that I mother him too, learn from my mother. My mother served him hand and foot and I had to follow her example. She smothered his face between her b******, I had to snuggle him too against my b******. He told me he wants me to mother him after he is done, I am 21 and he is 46, my father's age. I don't understand, when he can have vigorous s** with me. All he wants afterwards is to be cuddled and to hold his head against my b******. I didn't know that s** is not s**, not unless you mother the man too.

Apr 11

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