Phone s** with my teachers

I used to have phone s** with several of my teachers when in high school. I know one of my strengths in life besides my mind is my voice. It drives women crazy. I often use this to my advantage as it definitely has its perks.

In high school, I wound up not sleeping with my teachers but having phone s** with them. Sure, this may sound less interesting, but to me I feel I got to know them better in a sense. Hearing my English teacher get off hard while asking how hard I was. Teasing my math teacher about her short skirt in class or my history teacher about almost anything as she was thankfully also a talker.

They all have their quirks and strengths. My English teacher, however, she was another case entirely. I would drive her crazy for hours often, then later just a little bit to keep her wanting more. With her, it became something else. An obsession. A necessity. We both needed it and it felt so good.

I didn’t need to worry about getting caught having s** in my bedroom or hers, a car, or being seen in public. She didn’t need to worry about losing her job. We just were discreet and took precautions to not get caught. We didn’t. She was as sneaky as I was. This was before cellphones and much more risky but fun.

In some ways, I find it’s more fun to get someone off with just a few simple words or moans. It’s more fun to go in-depth slowly, as they slowly crumble till they can’t take it anymore and explode. Such a payoff and such a climax or seven.

I’ll take that any day. If you’re lucky enough, you get to know them a bit more than just sticking it in for 10 to 20 mins before she pops. Both are great but one to me at least lingers longer.

Apr 11

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