S** with Camilla on a boat

My wife comes from a sailing family. Having had no sailing experience at all growing up, I decided — a couple of summers ago — to take do my day skipper. My brother-in-law's girlfriend (Camilla) decided to do the same course and so we spent a few weekends out on the water together with instructors and helped each other study for our exams.

Then, last summer a friend called and asked if I would be up for being part of a tiny crew of people sailing his dad's new boat to Europe from the US. They needed a crew of four. Two of his cousins (who were both highly competent sailors) had volunteered. I was game and I called Camilla to see if she was keen to join too. She managed to get the month off work and was eager to come and help.

What happened on that boat trip was one of the most sexually liberating experiences of my life. It happened last summer (2021) and I will think about what happened almost every day. I haven't been able to tell a soul, which is why I'm sharing it here. So here goes...

The first week of the trip was pretty rough. We were all finding out sea legs, getting to know each other and find our own place on the crew. And the conditions weren't great. But after a week or so we found our rhythm. We weren't in a rush so every few days we'd have an off day where we'd say less hard and just enjoy the experience.

One such morning, the sun was out. Camilla emerged from her bunk in a blue one piece. She looked stunning. She's in her late twenties, blonde and has an incredible figure. But today, with her hair tied back and her NY chic sunnies on — she looked a million dollars. I've always found her attractive but today I started to fancy her pretty hard. We all had breakfast together. The others guys were a lot of fun — Christian and Tom — brothers from a wealthy family in Rhode Island. They are in their early 30's. Tom is married but Christian was single at the time. He clearly thought Camilla looked hot too as he jokingly said "damn girl, who is this? You're looking fine today".

We had a really chill day, sunbathing, listening to music and and drinking beer. It was a beautiful and unbelievably calm day. We went for a swim after lunch. Once we were in the water Christian took off his swimming shorts and threw them back on to the boat and said we should also go skinny dipping. Tom followed suit. To my utter shock, Camilla was next. She wriggled about in the water for a second and then launched her one piece into the air and on to the boat. She said "ahhh it feels so freeing and refreshing to be naked in the water". I was last to get naked in the water. When it came to getting out I told Camilla we'd avert her eyes to protect her humility but she said "oh don't worry I'm sure it's not the first time you'll have seen a pair of t*** before. She climbed back up on the boat. I tried to look away but I couldn't help myself but stare as her naked ass emerged for the water. She stood on the deck, strained the water from her air with her back slightly arched and with her full naked body on view. By the time I got back on to the boat she was back int he cabin putting on clothes but I was h**** as h***. When she finally came back out we all convened on the bow to drink more beers. I got into a bit of a conversation with Tom about the plan for the next day and before I knew it, I looked over and Christian and Camilla were kissing. His hands were all over her body and it was getting hot and heavy. I couldn't believe it. She is essentially my wife's sister in law and there she was, getting very sexual with another guy right in from of both Tom and me. We watched in amazement as Christian pulled he bikini top from her body leaving her topless and her sliding her hand into his shorts. I felt like tom and I should walk away and leave them to it. I felt like I should stop them. But all I could do is watch. It seemed like she was in a sexual trance but then snapped out of it for a second only to say "are you too gonna let him have all the fun or are you going to come and get involved?". What happened next was a blur. I felt this overwhelming desire take control of my body. Before I knew it was splayed out on the deck, topless, with Christian between her legs licking her out. She had my c*** in one hand and Tom's in another. I feel sick...with guilt, with nerves, with pleasure. I looked out to sea for a brief moment — we were in the middle of nowhere. Not a single person as far as the eye could see. When I looked down I saw this blonde, twenty something goddess on her back with three s** hungry men dying to f*** her.

Christian f***** her first. Tom took a break so I stepped back to watch too. I wanked myself off slowly, trying not to come. I've never seen other people have s** that close up before. I watched from behind as christian's b**** slapped against her ass. I put my hand in between his legs, placed my hand around his c*** and held it as he thrusted into her p****. I could feel his o***** build and within seconds he emptied his c** into her. He pulled out an I stared at her bare, s****-filled p****. She hadn't had an o***** — she started to finger herself. I found that SUCH a turn on. watched carefully as her fingers ran over her c*** and into her hole. I felt this overwhelming urge to kiss her. I lay on top of her and we made out. That was enough to push me over the edge. She is so goddman sexy and just feeling her tongue explore my mouth made me want to explore.
She said "guys I really want you to make me come" — f*** me, f*** my p****, make me c** really hard". I felt her hand grab my c*** and guided it into her. Tom moved over to us too and draped his big d*** over her face. She devoured it as I pumped her. I tried to move away Tom's d*** which was also pretty close to my face, but she made me suck him too. I came. Filling her p**** again, this time with my load.

After that we cleaned ourselves up and chilled in the back for a bit to get out to the glaring sun. We didn't speak about it again.

Apr 12

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