I met my sister-in-law at work and instantly crushed on her. We became friends and she introduced me to my now wife but all I could think of was f****** her. When ever we would drink all night and sleep over her house I would go into her laundry room and sniff her panties then c** all over them. From time to time I would find the opportunity to steal clean or dirty panties. I would wear them j*** off, c** on them and then return them. I’ve been doing this for years now and I don’t ever plan to stop. Ive tried getting her high and drunk to make her pass out or to finally confess that she want to f*** too but Ive been unsuccessful. I get mixed messages because from time to time she will playfully hug me and put her hand near my d*** and leave it there mid conversation but then she will move it and act as if nothings going to happen. Ive seen her hard nipples trough her pjs and instantly my d*** gets hard. As much as possible I try to get her to jokily talk dirty with me - she will say some s*** like Id like to try a*** but my hole is so small In afraid but I know id get used to it. She’s also vividly express how good she is at sucking and f******.I have tons of edited p*** nudes of her face on s**** and j*** off to them when Im alone. Ive even gone as far as to tie up my wife and cover her eyes and f***** her while seeing these pics. I take full nudes of my wife and then edit them with my sis in laws face. Im running out of ideas how to f*** my sis in law please help. I don’t want to drug her or rape her I actually like and her and would much rather have an affair with her. I would show her this post and make her read it while im tearing into her a******.

Apr 13

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  • I had desire for my sis Inlaw too. She is 15 yrs older than me. I started longing for her since teenage.I have grabbed her b**** and have fingered her once by force. She is nice and alway smiling

  • Let her bust you using her panties and offer to buy her more.

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