Sniffing my aunts panties

It all started when I was 15 and went to visit My aunts house and I got really h**** so went to the bathroom to watch p*** only for the p*** site to be blocked. So I started to search for the next best thing which was bra,but after searchIng the hamper for 5min and not finding ended up on a goldmine her black Lacey panties fell out of her jeans.Being curious I picked it up and sniffed it it smelt heavenly never smelt anything like it before.

Sniffing it got me hard as a rock and I started to lick the stains on it and it tasted delicious so I licked all the dry hard stains and wrapped the pantie around my c*** and started to furiously w***. I have never cummed that much before it was all over the floor and left a bit in her panties as a surprise.

Let me know if u have done anything like this and share it.

Apr 14

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  • Yes, i did that with my aunts as well for a very long time untill she moved away. It started with her shoes then socks, then nylons and pantyhoes. I used to smell them and stroke off. Started at like 12,
    One day i hit her bathroom after school. I found her black sexy lacy panties turned inside out still in her jeans laying on the floor. I pulled the panties out of the jeans. They had a white crotch lining in them. They were very stained with discharge and crusty. I smelled them, let me say, my c*** got rock hard. I jerked off smelling them. As soon as i started making out with the dirty crotch part and licking them, i shot a massive load of c**. I am now 48. I have never came so hard from anything in my life my aunts dirty panties. The smell of her p**** and feet are intoxicating.
    Man i wish something else could make me c** like that now.

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