Lesbian b**** quite happy being female

I'm physically small, petite. As a child I was more tomboy than girly. Dresses and bows were not for me. Puberty brought menstruation, b******, c*******, hair, bad breath, acne. Being slight, I could wear boy clothes and I did. I was a complete tomboy in my teens. I shaved meticulously, pits, legs, pubic hair. I wore my hair short, wore glasses, played the drums.

I have no memory of ever wanting a p**** or of being a real boy. I knew I was a girl and one day I would get pregnant. But I never crushed on a boy, I crushed terribly on girls. My fantasy was 'mounting' them, dominating them, but I was aware I was too small.

College came and went, my crush was my high school crush, she knew about my crush on her and was careful not to upset me. She didn't date. After college we went out, and she agreed to let me 'mount' her. We went to her house because her parents weren't there, we got totally undressed, she lay on her stomach and I mounted her, using my mound and c******* to 'f***'.

I orgasmed, she then ate me and told me we were even and were now girlfriends. We dropped all the curtains and walked out as lesbians. And one day I felt that a man I knew could get me or my girlfriend or both of us pregnant. He agreed to do us the favor and today we have two daughters and he's their full time father. I still wear male clothes and shoes, wear my hair short, and prefer to argue with men, and sleep with a girl. I like her more feminine. I don't want a p****, I don't want to be a man. I like being a girl, and I'm thinking of getting pregnant again. One man in the house is more than enough.

Apr 14

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