I had s** with my husband's nephew while I was drunk

He had come to our home to return laptop that he had borrowed. It was one such where me and husband wanted to get drunk at home and sleep carelessly. We weren't expecting anyone to show up to our home. I was visibly drunk and so was my husband.

His nephew came in and talked to us after he returned what he borrowed I offer him something to eat or drink and we watched TV that's all I know.

After watching some TV I walked to my bedroom and had s** while my husband still out there watching TV and sleeping on the couch.

I don't remember much, he later said that he had my consent and I even told him to take the condom from the drawer, which kinda proves his point that I was aware, but I don't remember.

I woke up early in the morning while being while being spooned, so obviously I didn't realise who it was because I didn't see the face.

Later when I finally woke up I received a few texts from this guy says how much he appreciates me and all that jazz. I never realised that I had s**, I was thinking that he was grateful because we lent him the laptop.

Later he confessed that he had s** with me, I was in shock after realising that he might be telling the truth.

We chat for a long time and he assured me that he wouldn't tell a single soul.

It was the most awkward conversation that I ever had and I felt disgusted when he asked me to keep it as a little secret between us.

I had no choice so I agreed to keep it a secret.

I have not spoken about this with my husband and I feel very guilty for hiding it from him. Since the time we had s**, my husband's nephew is being super nice to me and very caring, he texts me all the time and he is asking me to see each other behind their backs.

He has kissed me twice since that day and I told him this can't go on, but he keeps insisting on it.

He's a super nice guy, and he is a little innocent, I mean, he's not as clever as an average boy his age.

And I feel terrible that I had s** with him and taking advantage of his innocence. I was not in my control and I regret that this happened.

I feel bad that I took his innocence away, I wish that there is a way through which I could get him out of this mess.

He no longer considers me as his aunt he treats me like his lover now. He's a good guy, he promised me that ge won't out into trouble and he has not tried to blackmail me or force himself upon me.

I feel terrible that I was a part of this.

Apr 14

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  • Pedo w****

  • Enjoy it. If you liked it and he wants more and promises to keep it a secret then continue

    Let the poor guy get some practice

  • F*uck and forget!!!!

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