Miss Ex Boyfriend’s Boatload of C**

My ex boyfriend even in his late 30s and early 40s gets off more than 5-8 men combined. He still shoots and just c*** a lot, a ton really. He always has since he was a teen. I’m obsessed with c*** and although he was average sized albeit thick, it was his c** and moans that drove me wild.

I used to lick his boxers if some trickled out like it would with me several hours later even after cleaning. He was just that full. He once shot on the wall and all over the bed besides getting me on the face and on my b****** and p****.

When he was cleaning up in the bathroom. I went to the wall to lick it all up and suck and pretty much french the bed of all of his inners.

A seemingly gross, pathetic thing to do as he was my boyfriend and I could have him anytime I wanted but I became obsessed with his c**. I still am in my fantasies and in general. It often pops up into my mind and I blush, smile or lick my lips wishing I was on top, beneath or in full view of him.

He was my boyfriend of 5 years and although he broke it off with me years ago, I still desire him. Out of all the many guys I’ve had since him, he was not only the love of my life if there is such a thing but my greatest lover and interest. I guess in some ways he always will be. My god though I miss his beautiful c*** and all that c**!

Apr 19

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  • I am obsessed with c**. I have had men shoot big loads in my mouth 👄 I love it & swallow every drop 🍆💦💦💦💦👄

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